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Automating Energy Management

Energy Management Dashboard


A CLOSER LOOK AT AUTOMATIC ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Facility managers are constantly aware of how much their buildings affect the environment. For larger building with BMS systems, you would think that these system would be automatically optimised for energy management. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially when changes need to be made to equipment. Systems are often left in manual mode.

A new customer recently joined EnviroLogik to implement some chiller energy monitoring and energy management in addition to their BMS. Within the first week of installation we identified that the chiller had been running manually 24/7 for the past 6-months since a repair was carried out. The extra energy cost the customer £5,000/month or £25,000 over the 6-months period. Which could have been avoided.

For buildings without a BMS, facility managers are looking how the use of IoT systems can be used to address this. Additionally the implementation of automatic smart energy management systems that work across any make and type of BMS and IOT monitoring is gaining interest. These systems enable facility managers to monitor and regulate energy consumption within their buildings, promoting more efficient utilisation of energy.

Can you imagine having to manually constantly monitor energy consumption every day and make instant changes?

In reality even with IoT systems being installed, the sheer amount of data coming from these systems is not being fully used or exploited to its full potential. The challenge is what to do with the data. i.e. A site with 100 sensors will generate over 3.5million readings per year. Thats just too much for a business to handle. Thats why we developed EnviroLogik Optimise


As a facility manager, energy management involves a comprehensive approach to oversee, plan, and optimise energy consumption within your facilities and M&E infrastructure. Ultimately, energy management is a proactive and systematic process in effective facilities management programmes.

By focusing on automating energy management, you can save costs, reduce your facilities’ carbon footprint, and maintain optimal performance of your assets. Facilities managers have limited time and most will analyse their energy consumption monthly, quarterly - many not at all.

As businesses and organisations shift their focus to sustainable operations, energy efficiency has become a top priority. However, managing and optimising energy usage can be a complex and time-consuming task, requiring significant resources and expertise. That’s where EnviroLogik's Energy Dashboards come in. The EnviroLogik Optimise system helps you easily monitor and analyse your energy usage, identify inefficiencies, and make immediate decisions to improve your energy performance.

Automate your energy management process

Detect Analyse Optimise

Our system automatically analyses your data, all the time 24/7

The Artificial intelligence (AI) platform always detects unusual anomalies for you. It doesn't take holidays. It also enables you to take into account local weather and degree days.

Focus on actions

AI analyses the data so your team can invest their time on decisions and solving problems.

Track the history of each anomaly

Add comments and get traceability from anomaly creation until it is fixed.

Get value from every single data reading you get from your sites

A single meter will produce more than 100.000 readings per year. A multi site portfolio is generating above 10M readings per year. It is simply overwhelming for any energy management team. You can't be expected to be sitting in front of your PC 24/7.

The EnviroLogik Optimise system detects where the anomalies are automatically.

Now that the system has received and analysed your data, it needs to be automatically be optimised using our 24/7 Optimised Energy Service

Reporting the Information

Unlocking Energy Efficiency: Harnessing the Power of Energy Dashboards

Energy dashboards, powerful tools that provide real-time insights into energy consumption patterns and pave the way for smarter, more sustainable energy practices.

Energy dashboards serve as the remote eyes and ears of energy management systems, enabling us to monitor, analyse, and optimise your energy usage with unprecedented precision.

Dashboards enable us to track and monitor your energy usage in real-time, across multiple buildings and locations. This gives you unprecedented visibility into your energy usage patterns, allowing you to identify areas where you can optimise your energy usage and reduce costs.

With the EnviroLogik Dashboards, we can:

  • Monitor your energy usage in real-time, which will give you the insights needed to optimise your energy performance

  • View energy consumption trends over time

  • Identify areas where you can reduce energy usage and costs:  by analysing your energy data, you can quickly pinpoint areas where you are using too much energy or where your systems aren’t functioning optimally.

  • Optimise your energy usage: armed with this data, you can then make data-driven decisions to optimise your energy usage, reduce waste, and saving money

  • Track the progress of your energy-saving initiatives

  • Generate always up to date reporting dashboards to help you make data-driven decisions.

Our Dashboards are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, so you can start using them right away. They are fully customisable, allowing you to choose the data and metrics that are most important to you.

How can EnviroLogik's Optimise Energy Dashboards help me report Energy Savings faster?

Are you tired of sifting through endless spreadsheets and data to understand your building’s energy consumption? Our report solution that will transform the way you manage and report on your building’s energy usage.

One of the most powerful features of our Dashboards is the ability to generate external links to specific dashboard and report views. This makes it easy to share your energy usage data with others, such as energy managers, facility managers or end customers.

By sharing these links, you can provide real-time access to your energy usage data, enabling stakeholders to see the progress of your energy-saving initiatives and track the impact on your consumption.

Once created, the dashboards are updated automatically, as new data arrives and is processed by the platform, so that you don’t have to run through that spreadsheet every time you need to report to your customer.

The EnviroLogik Optimise Energy management Service is designed for any building of any type, size or use and is not dependant on any technology for it to work. Whether you have a BMS, IOT, meter only or basic control system, we are able to save energy.

Why not get in touch an see what we can do for you.

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