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SMARTIoT Refrigerant Pressure Monitoring

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Refrigerant Leaks from HVAC&R equipment are common and expensive. If left unchecked a Refrigerant leak from a large Chiller can cost up to £5,000. If there is a subsequent compressor failure that can easily amount to an additional £10K.


Our SMARTIoT Intelligent Refrigerant Environmental Monitor (IREM) Sensors are a battery powered system that fits onto the service ports on any system with any refrigerant and is available to suit all A/C and Refrigeration applications. These connect wirelessly to a Cellular Gateway.

The pressure parameters are agreed at the outset and If a pressure drop is detected then an alarm is generated and swift action can be taken to repair the leak before it becomes a problem.

This Is not an expensive aftermarket Leak Detection system.

Imagine being able to connect your Gauges remotely from your Smart Phone, Tablet Laptop etc. and View the Pressures and make a diagnosis on a Screen like this below.

Remote Refrigeration Pressure Monitoring

The Savings can be phenomenal and your Customers will have a more reliable system with less failures, less downtimes, reduced cost and happier occupants

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