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Consulting Engineers

M&E Consultants can provide an enhanced service by employing the EnviroLogik SmartIoT building technology.

Older Buildings with or without a BMS can now be remotely monitored by attaching our inobtrusive sensors directly onto equipment from both a compliance perspective but also allows insights into equipment performance, Indoor Air Quality, water, refrigerant and gas leaks, thereby saving costly repairs. 

Even with modern buildings we can interface directly with a BMS and remotely monitor both systems through one common platform no matter what make.

M&E Consultants can now instruct service providers with details of M&E equipment that is going to fail unless its repaired ASAP and save thousands in costly failures

live and historical equipment performance can be accessed remotely from anywhere, at any time. This means you no longer need to rely on snapshot site audits to build reports and have more support to deliver an enhanced service across multiple sites.

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