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SMARTIoT Electric Heater Control system

How do the Electric Heater Controllers work?

Electric Heater Controllers
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The EnviroLogik Electric Heater Controllers works with both new and existing electric heating. If you have older electric heaters with only manual time and/or temperature controls on them, and subsequently they are often left on when the room is empty, EnviroLogik have the solution for you.


We can lock out the local control on the heaters themselves and replace this with an easy to understand  and an easy to read LoraWan RF room thermostat on a wall in the room.


Individual Heaters will have a special electric relay switch installed adjacent to the heaters fused spur. They can also be controlled via the management dashboard.

Our system is the master controller and overrides all other controls, be it the integral thermostat on the heater or anything after the fused spur.

So, our system can control any electrical type of unit by all of the following parameters all that can be set to whatever parameter you want;

Time program

So let’s take temperature;

Our master control can be set at the required set point, so if we set the maximum temperature to 24deg when the area is below the set point power will be restored to the unit, when the area gets to the set point of 24 degrees it will turn the power supply off, no matter how high the integral heater thermostat is set at.

So if a person comes into their room and turns the heater thermostat to 30 degrees the unit will come on and run until it gets to our set point of 24 degrees then turn off until the temperature decreases below 24. We can also set a frost protection of a lower set point to turn the unit on.

The heater can also be controlled by occupancy in the room

Co2 level

If the light is on

If we want to set a working period say between 7am and 10am then 4pm to 10pm.

Any combination of control parameters can be set.

You may want to set a combination of parameters so the heater can only be enabled if
A/ it is in the set time program
B/ if it is within the set temperature range
C/ if there is occupancy

If all of the above are within the set parameters the heater will become enabled to be used.

All of the control of your existing heaters can now be managed from a  computer or the smartphone app, with no requirement to change the heaters themselves


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London N21 3NA;

Tel: 0203 916 5158

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