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Our Virtual Building Engineer to Manage Energy Consumption

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Accurately and Autonomously Manage HVAC Equipment Consumption & Reduce Energy

Has your commercial building got a Building Management System (BMS) installed? Our Ai powered Virtual Engineer maximises comfort and reduces energy on average by 30%.


We do this through Ai self learning algorithms to ensure maximum indoor air quality by drastically increasing fresh air to your building and limiting recirculated air.  All while maintaining perfect comfort. Its like having a full time BMS engineer making constant adjustments to the whole builds M&E/HVAC systems 24/7 365 


Demand Control Ventilation















Balancing Fresh Air Intake To Help Your Business Save Energy Fresh air in buildings is essential to the health and comfort of occupants. There’s a more efficient and affordable way to meet fresh air requirements in your building and lower your energy costs.


Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) adjusts ventilation rates based on actual occupancy at any given time instead of at a fixed rate for full occupancy. IAQ and occupancy sensors monitor carbon dioxide and when used in conjunction with occupancy it will determine how many people are inside, which in turn signals the HVAC system to adjust the amount of outside air brought into the building on a per person basis.


How your business can benefit


DCV can be added to an existing HVAC system or a new system where it is easier and less expensive to
implement these are the advantages:


  • Reduced energy usage

  • Increased system efficiency

  • Ensures proper indoor air quality


The installation of Demand Control Ventilation (DCV), connected into our Ai Powered Building Energy Management System is now recognised as the modern ventilation method. DCV doesn’t just outperform traditional commercial ventilation systems it enhances them.

The objective is obvious; ensure that the ventilation airflow rate is always in perfect sync with the building’s real-time demands.

Our AI system has a mind of its own

Ai On-demand ventilation is the key here, it’s like having a ventilation system with a mind of its own.
It responds automatically to any ventilation requirement, whether generated by the building’s occupants or arises from other sources of pollutants like furniture and cleaning fluids, which can create spikes in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other toxic contaminants.


A smart Ai DCV system doesn’t wait for instructions. It takes the initiative by pumping in more filtered air when it senses higher occupancy and pollutant levels - such as, when more people enter a room. Then, when the occupancy levels drop, it automatically reduces speed, optimising efficiency responsively.

This is dynamic ventilation at its finest, effortlessly adapting to the ever-changing demands of
the environment. Even when not occupied, overnight for example, the system will keep running at a low energy level to maintain indoor air quality and temperature levels ready for a healthy environment for
occupants the following day.


Connecting with Fan Coil Systems


Aside from a Ventilation system there will most likely have Fan Coils connected to either Chillers or VRF/VRV systems, these will also be connected to the BMS system. Saving energy is done automatically in the same way as ventilation. Its based on occupancy and takes data from either BMS or IoT sensors and automatically switches units off in areas/rooms where they are un-occupied., and at the same time maintaining occupant comfort.


We are able to save 30-35% more energy than most modern building management systems with his autonomous, self-learning AI. Our AI Virtual Building Engineer takes full control of building systems to provide comfort improvements, while simultaneously adjusting settings to achieve maximum energy savings.

Connecting with any make/type of BMS running Bacnet/ Modbus

No matter what type of systems you have including OEM systems from Mitsubishi, Daikin, Panasonic, Samsung, Trane, Carrier etc, we have a gateway that can connect and start saving you money

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The Savings can be phenomenal and your Customers will have a more reliable system with less failures, less downtimes, reduced cost and happier occupants

Instant Energy Consumption vs Occupancy

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