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IOT Sensor Types Available

Miniature Battery Powered self-configuring IOT Sensors are available to suit many HVAC applications and for Monitoring individual items of Mechanical or Electrical Equipment, and can fitted and made live in just a few minutes

Indoor Air Quality Monitor.webp
Refrigeration monitor.png
Flowtech IoT Leak Dectector Module Pic 3

Air and Space Temperature Sensors 

Water Temperature Sensors for Water Tanks, Chilled Water, Heating and Hot Water Circuits

Refrigerant Pressure Sensors - Live High/Low Refrigerant Pressure on A/C and Refrigeration

Indoor Air Quality Sensors

Water Leak Sensors

Vibration Sensors - for Pumps or Fan Vibration

Differential Pressure - Detail filter condition across Air filters

Occupancy Sensors

Smart Radiator Controller

Energy Monitoring for Main Meters and Sub-Meters

Energy Monitoring for individual items of equipment such as Chiilers, VRF, Boilers etc.

How to Choose Which Sensors to use 

Click on the Image above to download our PDF Info sheets on all our sensors

With so many sensors available, how do you know which sensors to use and what other items do you need to connect the hardware ? 


Luckily some are self-explanatory, as their names alone suggest what they are used for, but we always suggest preparing a list of items that you want to monitor first and then pick the sensors from there.

Most sensors will connect to a Node, and those nodes and sensors all need to connect to a Gateway to allow them to communicate with our completely customisable  intuitive software Remote monitoring Dashboard platform.

To make it easy our unique equipment selection programme and checklist reminders allows you to build up a simple list of items based upon the items and equipment on your site

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