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EnviroLogik is a SmartHVAC Technology Business which provides specially designed IoT systems designed and installed as a retrofit to legacy HVACR Products in Commercial Buildings.


You can be sure that our experienced HVACR IoT team will design, select and install these products and deliver Energy Savings, Predictive and Condition Maintenance based upon equipment Condition rather than pre-planned services.

 SMARTIoT systems for HVACR equipment

Predicting, Preventing and Protecting M&E equipment from failing is vital, however for smaller buildings without smart connected technology that very difficult to do. With our SMARTIoT sensors we can now predict when things are starting to go wrong and prevent them from failure.

Our SMARTIoT system enables service teams to remotely diagnose failing systems, which means responding more effectively to your customers' needs.

You can now send the right technician with the right parts in advance = less time on site and a happy customer.


With these sensors and monitoring in place means:

  • Diagnose remotely in advance using real-time HVAC system data.

  • Prioritise jobs with customers based on the severity of the issue.

  • Get notified when something isn't working as it should.

Our complete IoT sensing solution for M&E systems provides small unobtrusive sensors. Some hard wired and some with long life batteries where all the devices connect via a secure Cellular Network.


These sensors are highly reactive to the environment and occupancy, with ongoing monitoring notifying stakeholders with alarms.

We have installed the EnviroLogik HVAC IOT system in multiple buildings conjunction with Service Providers to monitor key items of HVACR equipment that are not covered by a BMS or Control system.


Special sensors are being used to monitor Energy Consumption, Live  & Instant Refrigerant pressures from Air Conditioning/Refrigerant circuits, and Emissions from Gas Boilers, as well as Water leaks, Water temperatures for Legionnaires control.

Our systems are unique and differ from others as our sensors are designed to work in sub-basement and high-level plant rooms and are highly protected by working on a Secure private Mobile phone network.

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What does EnviroLogik do?

EnviroLogik is a specialist Smart Technology HVAC Business which provides a managed service through HVACR equipment monitoring through unique IOT sensors and also the Installation of SmartCool technology to HVACR equipment.


Landlords, Property Managing agents, Facility managers, Energy consultants and HVAC/FM Service providers trust us to make commercial properties more energy efficient – and keep them working that way.


EnviroLogik’s IoT platform integrates with specialist HVACR sensor technology to monitor HVACR operation and provide live, non-technical views of HVACR equipment with full alarming. This data is delivered by the EnviroLogik system to stakeholders to allow decisions to be made pre-equipment failure to deliver reduced call-outs, improve efficiencies and save energy.





Smart IOT for HVACR systems allows for key items of HVACR equipment to tell you they aren't "feeling well" and provides contractors the ability to fix things before they fail 

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