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Remote Monitoring Options for M&E Manufacturers

Do you make, manage or distribute M&E or HVAC equipment?

With a multitude of manufacturers looking to get their products, specified and installed across all of the varying new build and refurbishment projects, we have seen that some companies have been looking at various ways to incorporate remote monitoring into their product offering.

Trying to set yourselves apart from the competition whilst also possibly having to meet the requirements of a project specification brings to the forefront many of the challenges with remote monitoring options for M&E manufacturers.

Whilst for some at first it might seem logical to try to develop their own solutions, this can often be a lengthy, complicated, expensive and time consuming process.

Where do you start?

Remote Monitoring Options for M&E Manufacturers

There are literally thousands of manufacturers globally with multiple sensor options available ranging from hard-wired, battery powered with different communication protocols, connectivity and API interfaces to 3rd party systems such as BMS or other control solution.

Do you want to control your equipment as well as monitor it or is it just remote monitoring and early warning/alerting?

Furthermore how do you get the data out of the sensors and then do something with it?

Each of these options can have a major cost implication and could affect whether you win the project or not.

Integrating IoT hardware into your own piece of M&E equipment might be easier for larger global manufacturers, but for smaller businesses that might be more difficult in HVAC and M&E applications.

In 2019 EnviroLogik developed a specific range of sensors specifically for use in M&E and HVACR applications. Originally designed for retrofitting into existing buildings across all sectors from Retail, Hospitality, Commercial offices and industrial applications as a condition based and predictive maintenance tool, its has evolved into also supplying off the shelf solutions that any manufacturer can incorporate into their equipment.

LoraWan (Low powered wide area) is the standard communication that is the preferred standard by which most manufacturers prefer to operate.

Why try to develop your own solution when you can buy a ready made tried and tested solution? You can choose to start to supply and install with a basic plug and play monitoring system that can be added to by others at a later date.

Our system can communicate with any external system via an open API and LoraWan is in our opinion the best option, albeit we can also provide other options as needed such as MQTT, Zigbee and we can connect to other control systems via BACNET or Modbus

Want some more sophisticated that can also control? Have a look at our Small Building BMS/IoT system.

If you would like to discuss our low-cost easy to implement remote monitoring/control systems please get in touch or call on 02023 916 5158

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