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Office Building

Facilities managers

Improve Occupier Comfort & Reduce Complaints with Immediate Views of local floor temps.

The EnviroLogik SmartIoT system gives immediate visibility of the occupied space at a local floor/area level so you always know what the local conditions are.

Room temperatures on a floor is a common point of contention. Facilities management staff commonly handle local temperature change requests.


With live temperatures, the live data to prove actual conditions can be shared with occupants, helping to resolve disputes and prevent unnecessary maintenance call outs.

BMS Interface


If needed the EnviroLogik IoT system can interface with a BMS - whether site based or remote, to give even greater views of the plant and we can remotely monitor the entire system.

Whether connected to the BMS or not, local alarms will still be generated and sent to handheld devices managed by Facilities Management Companies




Indoor Air Quality is now at the front and centre of all Facilities Managers minds. Our latest generation sensor can manage 7 different IAQ conditions including Temp, Humidity, CO, CO2, VOC's, Noise & Light. You now have the ability to report instant conditions and make recommendations to improve Ventilation needs .

Water Leaks

A common issue in all commercial buildings is dealing with leaks from sinks, urinals and toilets, and if left unchecked can cause thousands of pounds of damage to equipment and occupiers on floors below. Sensors that provide instant detection can either shut-off a local valve or alert site teams so they can manually shut things down.

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