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Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Because of Covid-19 and the potential for Airborne Transmission indoor air quality (IAQ) has been plunged into the forefront of people's minds. 

Business leaders are calling on the government to make measuring and monitoring of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) mandatory in the proposed bill – specifically airborne particulates PM2.5 and below, along with CO2 levels and VOCs, which are linked to heart and lung diseases as well as certain cancers


The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) also proposes that a new bill should contain provision for measures that improve IAQ, such as filter upgrade and replacement, along with ductwork and fan maintenance, and that these must be made mandatory elements of regular service and maintenance programmes in commercial buildings.

This should be accompanied by installing Air Purification technology into AHU's and ductwork and probiotic cleaning products along with monitoring and control of air quality and mechanical ventilation systems.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring (IAQ) is high on everyone's radar particularly those in multiple occupancy offices and there are many ways that occupants can be alerted to potential problems. IOT technology has made it possible to install small battery operated devices (such as those shown above) quickly easily and unobtrusively.

The data that can be retrieved from just one small unobtrusive device is amazing, including CO/ CO2, Volatile Organic Compounds, Temp, Humidity, Noise, Light. and these can be reported in various data formats.

















Monitoring of Indoor Air Quality

In our workplaces where we spend most of our working lives, its easy to install proven battery powered sensors into the occupied space, that self-connect to a small cellular gateway.











The system continuously monitors the air quality and whenever one of the sensors detects a deterioration from pre-agreed parameters, it sends an alert via SMS and email to that action can be taken to correct things.

In addition to these space sensors, we can also install sensors that tells the maintenance company when to change the air filters on the Air Conditioning/Ventilation system.

Occupancy Monitoring

With hybrid working taking effect, this means reduced occupancy and therefore occupants want to know where its safe to work and that the air is being monitored. Floorplans can show the occupied/un-occupied areas and where the HVAC equipment is running and the air quality

Full reports can be provided to ensure that Monitoring of Indoor Air Quality can be included in Business Management reports to ensure that Businesses are doing what they can to ensure worker safety.

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