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SMARTIOT For M&E Equipment

Condition Based Maintenance through monitoring "dumb" items of M&E equipment to tell you their status, temperature, pressure, level and general condition. IoT sensors connects the two together. 


IoT Sensors are smaller, cheaper and easier to install especially on M&E and HVAC systems, with monitoring applications that are only limited by ones imagination.

Our IoT smart building systems connect and monitor any size and type of commercial or industrial property, but are particularly suited to smaller buildings - such as those without a BMS and those on Business parks etc, without the major capital investment or disruption of hardwired systems. IoT is ideal in smaller buildings allowing for simple installation and a fast cost benefit.


Predictive M&E Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance differs from other Maintenance regimes, however what has changed is the application of Smart Building technology in that the process uses predictive diagnostics. Its designed to predict when equipment needs maintaining. 


As well as including Alerts to notify impending problems, it also provides information to M&E technicians known as "Know before You Go" diagnostics to help them identify the actual problem before attending site so they can fix the problem before it fails. These systems are designed to Predict a potential failure, Prevent them from failing and Protect the systems on an ongoing basis.


Its a great way of improving technicians First time to fix, by ensuring that the van is stocked with any spare parts that may be needed to complete a repair. To implement a predictive maintenance system then sensors need to be installed on those key items to enable the monitoring to take place

Interconnection with BMS systems

Small IOT sensors can be installed quickly and easily onto many items and are now being used to connect to BMS systems, especially as the savings on installation can be huge. i.e. Wiring of Fan Coils to a BMS.


Our complete sensing solution for simple, scalable IoT provides a small footprint and unobtrusive sensing with long battery life where all the devices self-configure to the cloud. These are highly reactive, allowing instant adjustments and changes to be made with ongoing remote monitoring and alarming capabilities.


By using our IoT technology, it is possible to monitor anything from simple split systems, boilers, display fridges, kitchen cooling and refrigerated storage equipment in retail and hospitality environments and is ideal for smaller offices or more individual and often remote buildings, without major capital investment or disruption of hardwired systems. 




















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