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Whether you’re a Landlord, Managing Agent  M&E consultant or a service provider,
The EnviroLogik IoT system is for  all stakeholders to improve building efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and to assist in ensuring compliance requirements are met, as well as providing instant alerts and historical reports.

SmartHVAC Technology for All Building Stakeholders

Landlords &Managing Agents

The EnviroLogik SmartIOT system gives Landlords and Managing Agents full visibility of HVACR performance across an estate.


Plant Status is retrieved from multiple sites to provide live instant and historical performance so you can see improvements over time 

M&E Consultants

Wouldn't you like to offer your clients an enhanced service, by continuously monitoring your clients HVACR equipment?

SmartIoT allows a technical level of analysis and reporting from smaller sites and those with a BMS where we can provide integration at local level.

Service Providers

Predictive Maintenance. A service that is tough to deliver without SmartIoT. 

With our range of sensors and remote monitoring, proactive service businesses are able to prevent failures from happening. Savings can be achieved by maintaining equipment on use rather than calendar cycles.

Facilities Management Co's

You can get a full insight of the buildings and HVACR equipment with IoT remote monitoring.

You only need to service what and when it's needed. The complete sensor solutions from EnviroLogik are quick and easy to install, and intuitive dashboards can be customized to the needs of each building.

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