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Why I Should Consider Installing IOT for Chillers, VRF and HVAC systems

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Imagine being able to instantly identify and fix a Refrigerant leak on a Fridge, Freezer, Chiller or VRF system before the equipment fails!

The technology developed by EnviroLogik is already operating on many critical cooling sites – particularly on Cellar Cooling, Food Storage Freezers, Fridges and other cooling systems throughout the UK.

Technicians are instantly alerted on multiple devices when refrigerant pressures and/or refrigerant flow issues are detected. Depending on escalation procedures, refrigeration technicians are able to access the refrigerant pressures remotely and can instantly determine what the issues are.

Retrofitting to Legacy Equipment

Modern pieces of HVACR equipment are being provided with IOT technology pre-installed, but what about the older equipment that already exists across thousands of Pubs, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Hotels and Offices that have Freezers, Fridges, Cellar Cooling, Air Conditioning Chillers, VRF equipment and Heating/Hot Water systems?

Many of these building don’t operate 24/7 and have simple time switches to switch equipment on/off. What happens if something goes wrong? Usually the first thing is that when there is either a noticeable temperature change or if food storage equipment has failed and the food is spoilt. By then its probably already too late!

IOT and HVAC Maintenance

On the maintenance side of HVACR, the EnviroLogik Smart IOT system has the ability to extend equipment life. This is mainly due to the ability to immediately identify equipment performance irregularities that indicate the likelihood that a unit is experiencing a fault or malfunction.

These notifications are pushed to facilities professionals by the EnviroLogik system within seconds of detecting an alarm notification which means something is operating outside of pre-agreed thresholds, allowing for an almost immediate remote inspection.

Faster response time lowers the risk of the equipment consuming excess energy for extended periods of time or potentially resulting in a system failure.

Remote error notifications are also more precise and can be as specific as “the refrigerant pressure has dropped” or “a drain pan has overflowed.” Depending on system permissions, this same message can be sent to external contractors or other service providers.

Smart IOT also enhances the effectiveness of HVAC maintenance. IOT-enabled units can communicate when maintenance is required – based on equipment requirement rather than on a pre-planned basis ahead of schedule. This is true condition based maintenance. Many HVAC issues are time-consuming and difficult to identify with manual inspections— IOT allows facility managers to quickly and efficiently respond to issues as they arise.

For example, if a unit reports an AHU pressure differential alarm, an automatic notification to clean the air filter is sent to relevant decision makers. Clogged or dirty filters impede airflow, causing the unit to consume more energy. The automated maintenance alert allows facility managers to take corrective actions only when a unit’s performance indicates there’s a problem

In addition to common HVAC issues, uniquely the ENVIROLOGIK Smart IOT system has also developed special refrigeration sensors that monitor Fridge/Freezer, Cellar Cooler, Chiller HVAC and VRF refrigerant pressures.

A key issue with any of these systems is Refrigerant leaks and if not addressed quickly can cause excessive electric consumption and frequently large refrigerant losses and expensive compressor failures.

Many Buildings don’t have expensive BMS systems. Furthermore, smaller Buildings don’t have permanent site based engineers who can respond to issues on-demand. IOT has the ability to connect the critical assets to occupier comfort (Heating, Cooling, Water and Power) and notify issues to managers and Service providers and potentially repair items before they fail and before the occupiers are aware.

Our Smart IOT system is an important aid in achieving this, we recognise that how you apply the HVAC IOT hardware, the Dashboards and Reports is where you obtain value from it.

IOT and HVACR Equipment Performance

Providing energy savings is one of the many advantages of IOT-enabled HVAC systems to commercial building owners.

Collected data can be analysed to provide trends and forecasting. Real-time data empowers facility professionals to finetune their operations and conserve energy demand.

It’s similar to how a car can instantly calculate miles per gallon, providing the driver with immediate information they can use to modify their driving habits.

IoT can boost HVAC efficiency with real-time data through a variety of methods.

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