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IoT Packs for Small Convenience Stores & Hospitality

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Convenience Store Frozen food display cabinets

Picture this. You're a successful local convenience store with regular customers who don't want to go to the big superstores. Its a few days away from Xmas and many of your local regulars buy their frozen turkey, fish, vegetables and deserts ready for the big day. Overnight your freezer decides to stop working and everything stored in the freezer has defrosted and has to be thrown away.

Not only have you lost the sales value, but also those regular customers who will go to a competitor, but you also have to try and get the freezer repaired and pay to restock what was lost. How much has that cost? Estimates from customers put that at between £500 & £1,000 per failure. Further extensive failures occur from combi ovens and store heating/cooling.

With just over 47,000 UK convenience stores in 2021 (Statista) its easy to see how many failures are occurring every day and the overall cost.

There is an alternative that would have warned you and your contractor that things were starting to go wrong, - like an early warning system.

Remote Monitoring of Fridges, freezers, Ovens etc.

Enviro Logik - the specialists in retrofitting remote monitoring of dumb pieces of mechanical and electrical equipment (aircon, heating, refrigeration etc) using the latest technology have developed 3 new small sized Internet of things aka (IOT) packs for smaller convenience and hospitality sites.

These fixed price packs have been developed to monitor fridges, freezers, ovens and other key items which can severely impact the operation and profit of small local shops and hospitality sites.

Offices have benefitted from monitoring for years, and we recognised there was a gap for a simple low cost single/multi site approach, particularly for local convenience stores such as Spar, Premier, Co-Op Costcutter and those at petrol stations etc. Not even mentioning the small express stores from Tesco etc.

Pub Groups and Restaurant Chains that operate busy multi sites are also benefitting from the same systems for their pub/restaurant kitchens as well as cellar cooling.

Each IoT monitoring pack has been designed around small, medium and larger sites where more fridges, freezers, ovens exist and therefore need more sensors.

Each pack always consists of a cellular communications gateway, and then either 4, 8 or 12 temperature sensors (calibrated to the working environment) i.e. fridge, freezer or combi-oven etc.

No up Front Cost

When developing these packs, we were conscious that margins are tight for businesses and therefore made the decision easier for owners/operators to pay for the system via a fixed monthly remote monitoring contract. Payable over a 2-year deal, it includes:

  • A free site survey to determine what's required

  • All the hardware and sensors

  • Installation and set-up

  • A custom designed remote monitoring dashboard

  • Setting up the alarm thresholds

  • Agreeing on key stakeholder notifications and remote access

  • Full warranty, upgrades and support

Monthly contract fees for a small pack start at just £75/month, without any upfront fees. After the initial 2-year contract, monthly monitoring reduces to £39/month.

Additional sensors can be added at any time. Contracts can be cancelled at anytime.

Ready to get started?

Click on the link below to request a demo of a live site

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