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IOT Instant Remote Refrigerant Pressure Alarm Monitoring

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Picture this - Your Customer calls you to say that one of their Chillers has stopped working and the buildings occupants are complaining. Can you visit site and identify and fix the problem they ask. Nothing unique or special about that. A typical call out.

You or one of your technicians attends site and will connect the standard issue refrigerant gauges to each circuit to see if there are any leaks.

Again standard protocol. However! now imagine if you get alerted immediately when one of your customers sites has a refrigerant leak, and you have the ability to look at those refrigerant pressures remotely on any device from anywhere without even needing to visit the customers site.

Here at EnviroLogik, we have developed the worlds first IOT Instant Remote Refrigerant Pressure Monitoring system with instant alarms, known as Ipressure

Simply connect our special Ipressure IoT pressure transducers to the schrader valve adaptors on the high and low side of each refrigerant circuit, identify the refrigerant, agree the alarm thresholds, connect them to our IoT gateway and your good to go.

Furthermore with Bluetooth capability they can be configured locally

IOT Remote Refrigerant Pressure Transducer
IOT Remote Refrigerant Pressure Transducer

You now have the ability to be pro-active with your customer and explain what you have received, and depending on the type of contract can instantly react and attend site and fix the leak before they even now about it.

N.B. This is not like conventional 3rd party leak detection systems which will "sniff" for refrigerant leaks and needs to be hard-wired around the equipment. The Ipressure system connects directly to the refrigerant circuit and is battery powered. The system is supplied and installed for a fraction of the cost of hard- wired systems.

The cost savings to customers can be exceptional and this will set you apart from the competition

Our Dashboard views allows individual configuration depending on your device.

IOT Refrigerant Pressure Monitoring Dashboard
IOT Refrigerant Pressure Monitoring Dashboard

Additional Sensors can be added to monitor additional items of plant such as pumps, and AHU's as well as temperatures, water leaks, power consumption.

This article was written by Chris Gunn of EnviroLogik.

He can be contacted on 0203 916 5158 or Further information can be found on the website

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