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New IoT Module enables remote monitoring connection with any Chiller, VRF, Lift or OEM Equipment Controller

The SmartConnect IoT system enables Engineers to remotely read all OEM controllers as though they were in front of the machine


  • Allows technicians to receive alarms direct from equipment and triage equipment issues remotely to identify faults before despatching an engineer to site. 

  • SmartConnect is a specific IoT retrofit module which can be applied in air conditioning, refrigeration, heat pumps' Lifts and Boiler systems. 

  • Modbus module and 0-10v modules available.

No matter what make or type of equipment we can connect and read settings

  • Saves Energy 

  • Monitors refrigerant pressures, flow/return temperatures

  • Can remotely read alarms

  • Does Not replace existing Controls and uses API Interfaces

  • Case Studies Prove actual savings

  • No risk to current equipment or on manufacturers warranty

  • Maintains equipment performance

OEM's of M&E equipment have proprietary controllers built into their equipment whether its a Chiller, VRF, Lift or Boiler system, and these are designed to allow trained engineers to access all of the operational parameters and make adjustments as necessary to ensure that the equipment is operating as efficiently as possible.

The equipment may have an interface to a BMS but thats usually as simple start/stop function only


But what happens when something goes wrong - whether its a refrigerant leak, compressor failure or a lift failing to respond or condenser fan not working? There's a good chance that machine doesn't have a remote monitoring function to say that something isnt right.


The Smartconnect IoT module has that capability and when connected to the OEM controls can receive and read the alarms that the equipment generates.


Remote diagnostics allows technicians to quickly identify where the fault lies, look at various settings.

Why not request a demo to see how it works and to get a quote.

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