The potential for – Condition Based Maintenance through monitoring "dumb" items of HVACR equipment to tell you their status, temperature, pressure, level and general condition etc. is enormous and this website helps to explain it further

Key Benefits

  • Monitor, status, temperature, vibration, noise liquid levels etc from data to enable smart decisions to be made

  • Ideal for Condition based monitoring/maintenance costs while improving safety and occupant comfort

  •  Up to 5+ Years battery life, 3km external sensor range. proven technology in Basement and roof plant rooms

  • Simple, non-intrusive installation

  • ‘Sensor as a Service’ commercial model – minimal Capex required

  • Insights and Alarms through customisable dashboards and analytics

  • Link data into other external systems through API integration providing end-to-end solutions

  • Data can be integrated into a BeMS via BACnet gateway.

  • Endless Applications to turn “Dumb” items of M&E equipment in Commercial offices, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare.

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