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RMS - Remote Monitoring Service. Any make BMS Remote Monitoring Service

No Matter What Make of BMS, we can connect remotely with our Remote Monitoring Service to give you a permanent window into your Building from anywhere.
With thousands of buildings having a BMS or Control System installed, most are being under utilised especially with Building remaining empty. Our IoT for HVAC system allows you to view critical  assets like never before.

Keeping Building Compliant and in line with Insurance requirements is difficult and expensive, however for Buildings with a BMS much of this can be done remotely.

The EnviroLogik RMS Remote Monitoring System operates Independently from any FM Company - although we provide our services to them.


The system adds a simple web-based secure Remote Monitoring capability to virtually any make of BMS that operates on either a BACNET or Modbus system and is available direct to FM Management Companies, M&E Contractors to organisations throughout the UK as building closures increase due to the coronavirus pandemic.


The RMS system is linked to the building BMS and allows remote monitoring and interventions to be carried out, without the need for engineers to be on site.











The solution utilises the EnviroLogik Active Energy package to ensure that the building control systems are operating correctly, reducing the risk of an incident and providing 24/7/365 critical asset monitoring.


The comprehensive yet simple web based package has been designed to enable virtually any make of BMS and critical control system to provide an insight into Buildings operations and alarm management through a web based interface , key work flow management, and energy management, through data analysis, remote decision making and actions, business continuity planning and disaster recovery.


With Increasing numbers of companies moving to remote working as government advice restricts travel and personal interactions, therefore Maintaining safe and legally compliant buildings is essential.


We are making our RMS Remote BMS Monitoring Solution available at cost to support Commercial buildings which are closing for the foreseeable future. This remote monitoring package dramatically reduces people interactions, often with a skeleton remote or on-site team continuing to carry out statutory building maintenance work, ensuring that building insurance and leases aren’t invalidated.


We all have to change the way we work and we want to help clients protect their critical assets in the safest way.

Why not view our PowerPoint Presentation on how we connect to your Buildings BMS systems

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