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Ready Made SmartIoT in a Box


No Need to develop your own IoT solution

Our SMARTIoT for M&E Systems is a Done for You

Ready Made out of the box solution


If you are an M&E or Facilities Contractor who is considering an IoT solution to add value to your Customers then we have a ready made "Out of the Box" solution that you can add to your Business.
Our SmartIoT solution has been specifically developed for M&E and HVACR applications and can be branded as your own solution. We will assist you to pick the sensors you need from a wide range - specifically developed for M&E applications, We then set-up the alarm thresholds and your are good to go.
You can then also offer your customers a customised web-based Dashboard that allows them access to all their sites as well as being able to monitor the conditions at each site
Tech Support & Training
For any contractor considering IoT as an option, we provide full training in sensor selection, Video installation on sensors and setting up the comms to enable the remote monitoring, developing the customer Dashboard, as well as any interfaces with 3rd party systems - such as BMS or directly with equipment controllers such as Chillers, VRF systems
Kit Pricing
To make it simple we have some standard kits to help you get started on your IoT journey  and although they include a mixture of sensors, they can be added to or altered if you need some specific sensors for certain projects.

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