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Why are simple and quick energy savings slow to implement?

Everyone knows by know that commercial properties are expensive to operate, especially with the big ticket items such as Chillers, VRF systems, Condensers, Boilers, AHU's etc. etc. being the largest consumers. Its been well written about by many before.

Everyone that owns, operates or rents one of these commercial properties have many challenges including achieving Net Zero, saving energy, improving indoor air quality etc, so going about reaching those target levels throws up many different challenges, depending on the Building age, type and location.

The answer isnt always as easy as replacing those possibly older aforementioned systems with the latest shiniest more efficient units! From a pure energy saving perspective there are many quick and low cost wins.

High Energy Consumption and the associated bills has been with us for some time, so obviously where suitable, it makes sense to look at where immediate quick wins can be achieved, but frequently these aren't being looked at, as often there are just too many hurdles, objections and approvals to overcome before anything can be implemented. These include Landlords, Management Agents, Local facility management, Consultants, M&E Contractor and Occupiers.

A recent example was from an obvious quick win by installing our local IoT based radiator controllers which can shut-down room/areas where there is nobody occupying the space. The savings projected were over 40% and the payback was less than 2-years, so it was ideal and could be implemented quickly and with virtually no disruption.

The site is an older style heating only multi use commercial office. With flexible/hybrid working being applicable to many offices that often left offices and areas un-occupied, but also meant that the heating was still working despite no one being there.

The sign-off process with multiple people being involved took over 4-months which delayed the simple implementation and the savings which could have been achieved during the heating season.

This article in Modern Building services highlights some of challenges are hurdles that have to be overcome for projects to become a reality and who ultimately pays and benefits.

HVAC Maintenance Article

In the end however with our innovative financing model, it allowed for the project to proceed and cut through the bottleneck issue.

Do you have some quick and easy low cost energy saving projects that are stuck due to bottlenecks in sign-off?

Perhaps we can help. Using our shared financing model we can get these projects off the ground. To help you to see the sensors we use and how they can help you to save energy etc click on this link

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