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SmartValve Auto Tap Flushing system

EnviroLogik SmartValve Auto Tap Flushing system

EnviroLogik have developed a new system to automatically save labour and water to comply with H&S legislation for flushing all tap outlets in occupied commercial properties.

Manual weekly tap flushing for 5-minutes per outlet costs both contractors and businesses and extensive amount. To put it into context:

A Business with 200 taps/showers will require 17 hours of labour every week (884 annually) For a basic technician on £35K p.a. that equates to £15,028 annually.

To put it into reality: This building aka: The Scalpel Building in Leadenhall St, London has 640 outlets. That 2,773 hours of annual labour or 35% more than one full time person. just doing weekly tap flushing.

Whilst we obviously agree with the mandatory requirement to provide safe and clean water, but doing it manually can be expensive, and for those businesses looking at reducing expenditure through condition based maintenance, then this is an ideal solution whilst remaining compliant.

With our technology there is a simpler and lower cost alternative. Our Smart Valve auto water flushing system also works on the existing and established LoRaWan network and its is an easily fitted low cost option.

The other additional benefit is that it can also detect leaks and will automatically shut-off the local valve where the leak is occurring.

This Document below details everything you need to know about how it works and the applications

EnviroLogik-Smart Valve LoRaWAN
Download PDF • 5.75MB


Typically the investment will repay in 24-months

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