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Smart Building Technology - Making your Building Smart

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Smart Building Technology

A Global survey pre-pandemic by Johnson Controls (JCI) in 2019 showed that 64% of respondents said they were planning in investing in Smart Building Technology and Energy efficiency measures.

According to a related 2019 article in ACHR News "Smart building technology again showed increased investment, with 70 percent of organizations invested in building control improvements, the highest percentage of any measure and an increase of three percent from the previous year. Data analytics, IoT, and cybersecurity were predicted to be the most impactful technology trends on smart buildings over the next five years."

This graphic below shows where the business priorities lie.

IoT & Cybersecurity

Current 2022 estimates show that's likely to grow 5 times more than the original 2019 estimates by 2028. Sustainability issues continue to drive investment in smart building technology around the world. Businesses have aspirations to be sustainable and want at least one certified green building in their portfolio.

Businesses said they want to rent space in a green certified building, and they're willing to pay a premium. They're very interested in achieving the highest levels of sustainability through near zero buildings. And they want their facility to be resilient.

Resilience is about investing in the infrastructure of a building to make it healthier and safer for occupants. Resilience is becoming a bigger priority, and it’s something will continue. With agreed targets for energy reductions by 2050 what can be done to the existing building stock - which has already been built?

Smart Building Technology - Making your Building Smart

Sustainable buildings minimise energy and water consumption and are a key part of plans that seeks to combat climate change. A sustainable building is a building that, because of its features, can maintain or improve the quality of life of the occupants and environment.

To do this with existing buildings, they have to achieve a high level of efficiency: reduce the consumption of energy, water and other resources which minimises pollution and waste.

By installing our smart IoT sensors, our system allows companies of all sizes to create a Sustainable healthy workplace and be more efficient, support their staff, be more sustainable and reduce costs.

Smart Building Technology – What is it?

Smart building technology pulls together a mixture of tools via our smart sensors to monitor, analyse, and optimise the way buildings are run, all accessible via a Single Pane of Glass view. These systems can help your workplace be healthier, make staff more productive, and be less costly by improving the energy efficiency and improving indoor air quality.

Our single-login single platform smart building system covers all aspects of the buildings MEP systems to access all the buildings IoT sensor technology from a single gateway/hub which is not connected to the buildings infrastructure to minimise Cyber Security within smart buildings. With over 100 sensors connected to a single hub Its then easy to access specialist sub pages such as this one for Chillers below.

IoT Smart Buildings Single Pane of Glass View

The EnviroLogik IoT systems provide monitoring insights into heating, cooling, plumbing, drainage and other critical assets. Our smart building technology turns these inert “things” into connected devices with our unique smart IoT sensors.

With these sensors, your buildings can provide real-time updates on building occupancy, energy consumption, maintenance, cleanliness, air quality, and virus risks. All on the secure LoraWan RF network.

Other systems claim to have a "single platform" whereas in reality they need multiple different gateways to access their sensors. i.e. one gateway to access pipe monitoring and another for IAQ.. This increases vulnerability to cyber security intrusions as well as costs.

How do smart buildings work?

Smart buildings pulls monitoring data from the buildings IoT systems which are connected to physical assets, and translates it all into a single view of all sensors that you can use to improve your building’s efficiency.

  • Smart IoT sensors. At Enviro-Logik, our smart building solution starts with the smartest easy-install, low-maintenance IoT sensors.

  • A customised dashboard for easy to understand data monitoring. Receive instant alarm data in real time from wherever you are - all on a single screen, no matter the size of your portfolio.

Smart Buildings: Applications

Here are some ways our Sustainable Healthy Workplace System can transform the way you manage your buildings:

Track occupancy – match energy consumption

The pandemic has made employees more aware and more concerned about the health of the workplace than ever before. Workplace wellbeing has changed for ever and will remain an important concern.

With our smart occupancy sensors, managing occupancy and building use has never been easier. By providing IAQ and CO2 data viewable on a floorplan dashboard, Enviro-Logik’s system shows how many employees are using different parts of your office space at any given time.

With this information, you can enable HVAC and lighting use only for those occupied areas – rather than the entire floor or building, thereby saving energy.

Monitor and improve air quality

Over 50% of employees would feel more comfortable returning to the office if they could view the indoor air quality (IAQ) data. With our smart IoT sensors, this is easy and accessible via any web browser. These concerns are mainly based on the Virus risk and transmission that poor quality air poses.

Our IAQ sensors can give insights into 10 different IAQ factors. Start by removing pollutants— ensuring a healthier working environment for all your employees.

Remote maintenance

Manual checks on water tank and tap temperatures, can be costly and inefficient, as every tap in a building must be flushed and temperature checked monthly and a compliance report has to be manually created.

Water temperatures need to be continuously monitored to reduce the chance of contamination, ensuring that water services are operated at correct temperatures that prevent bacteria growth and comply with L8 water regulations.

IoT sensors automatically monitor water flow and temperature, removing the need for manual flushing/monitoring. This can show where water was at the wrong temperature and at which outlets may still need to be flushed due to low use.

  • Saves around 80% labour on compliance by automating maintenance.

  • Hundreds of litres of water saved.

  • Instant Reports provide compliance and saves manual efforts.

Interconnection with 3rd party BMS systems.

All our smart IoT sensor data can be accessed via a Modbus or Bacnet BeMS system if needed. The data can be pulled from our system via an open architecture API so that the information can be displayed on the BMS system if and where one exists.

Managers can then make control system changes to the HVAC systems - such as those needed to manage local equipment changes including on/off of local floor devices such as fan coils or to main plant all based around the occupancy data. After all why heat/cool a completely un-occupied floor area?

Our smart IoT sensors are small battery powered units which can quickly and easily be located anywhere, without the need for expensive hard-wired BMS sensors.

Benefits of How Smart Buildings Improve Your Workplace

innovative smart building technology can transform the way you manage your building. Here’s how:

  • Improve insights and understand your building. Thanks to our smart building systems, they provide remote insights into your building, including heating, cooling lighting, plumbing, occupancy, and indoor air quality. More knowledge means greater control.

  • Improve occupant comfort an wellbeing. Employees deserve a healthy place to work. Improved air quality can make employees more productive.

  • Enable labour efficiencies. Manual maintenance tasks - including water and air quality monitoring, leak detection, and employee headcounts - is time-consuming and ultimately costly to the business. By understanding more about your building, you can make smarter maintenance decisions and save on un-necessary staff resources.

For example, we saved one London office £5,000 month in wasted energy

  • Bring down costs. IoT monitoring solutions save you money. From reduced staffing, asset energy monitoring, and predictive maintenance monitoring, smart building technologies lower the cost of running a building - for both businesses and building managers.

  • Shows when equipment is running at unusual times and checks set-points.

Why not request a full quotation and demo of an existing billing system? Get in touch by clicking the link below.

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