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Sloane Avenue London IoT Chiller Monitoring becomes self-funding.

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Another prestigious property owned by Metrus have recently added the EnviroLogik IoT Chiller Remote monitoring to their property to give reassurance to the tenants that the Cooling system is being remotely monitored.

EnviroLogik have recently installed their Refrigerant Pressure and Energy monitoring system to the main cooling systems to enable the M&E Contractors to receive instant alerts whenever there is an issue that needs addressing.

Instead of installing an expensive refrigerant leak detection system, they installed our IoT refrigerant pressure monitoring system that alerts when there is even a small drop in refrigerant pressure and co-incidentally an increase in energy consumption.

These 2 systems get notified to the M&E contractor who can view the data on their standby technicians mobiles as well as the contractors office. Decisions can be made instantly to avoid a catastrophic and expensive refrigerant loss, and reduce energy consumption.

Energy Monitoring was also key and the ability to pay for itself. Shortly after having installed this sytems, EnviroLogik's team identified that the Chillers were running virtually 24/7 due to an error in the target setpoints. By quickly correcting these the client saved £5,000 in monthly energy costs.


Our IoT energy solution creates individual ecosystems with your assets. Working alongside operations ensures each asset can be worked efficiently and endured to its full potential.

  • Payback typically within 10 months

  • Insights delivered around energy at asset level

  • Correlation to operational activities

  • Maximise profit without the need to increase sales

  • improved energy efficiency measures can also increase levels of comfor increasing customer and staff satisfaction

We have set up partnerships with energy companies to set up GIFT (the Green Innovation Fund for Technology). This is where smart procurement of energy can fund the IoT journey for free.


Our Building Data as a Service approach means a small monthly fee, so savings begin month 1.

We also support the Green Innovation Fund for Technology , a system that gives businesses access to interest-free funds for energy cost-saving initiatives.

Benefits include:

  • Interest free, upfront funding

  • No capital outlay

  • Immediate savings

  • Increased energy efficiency

  • Defined route to ‘Net-Zero’

Self-funding IoT infrastructure that evolves with the business

The process is simple: we collect the details and organise everything from start to finish.

Smart meters only report half hourly and cannot correlate consumption to space, occupancy, assets or activity.

Our complete end to end energy solution can support you with energy management, measurement, procurement and offsetting – so you can relax knowing the risk is with us.

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