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Saving Energy From Heating Systems

Commercial Heating System

Autumn has now well and truly arrived and many Businesses are considering when to switch their heating systems on, with many using the clock change at the end of October as the start.

You don't need reminding that running heating systems can be expensive especially for buildings that rely on radiator systems. Did you know that 70% of Commercial Building spaces are empty but are being heated and therefore 40% of the energy is being wasted.

The lack of local control makes bills unnecessarily higher than needed and spaces uncomfortable. Even if the radiators have thermostatic radiator valves, you can't expect people to constantly change the setting based on varying occupancy and weather conditions.

If people are too hot they simply open a window, thereby wasting even more energy. On the flip side some people set the temperatures at a much high temperature than needed.

What's the solution?

Our Smart Radiator valves replaces the thermostatic valve head in minutes with our smart valve without specialist tools. The communication throughout the building technology uses the tried and tested LoraWan communication system which needs no wires, no costly installation, no inflexible schedules. A solution suitable even for older buildings with or without a building management system.

Our Radiator control is a quick retrofit solution that gives the building management a flexible room-by-room level temperature control for a fraction of the cost of any BMS. Furthermore our platform adapts temperature control to real-time occupancy so you can stop heating empty rooms.

We provide the perfect balance between comfort and building efficiency with a simple App that enables all users to adjust the temperature of their area or room according to their preferences using their mobiles.

Our solution allows building owners and managers to remotely control heating in rooms according to occupancy.

EnviroLogik Radiator Control Dashboard

Full Control with Room Booking Integration

Our online platform allows you to have full oversight and individual control of each room/area of your building enabling you to optimise energy use with different scheduling options and room booking system integration. Our dashboard also provides a Carbon meter to show actual live savings in CO2 emissions.

Additionally our valves are maintenance free with no batteries to replace and can be installed on a running system. The ROI's are impressive too , with paybacks commonly less than 2-years.

We have a short PDF presentation detailing everything about the system. If you click on the image below you can download a copy.

EnviroLogik Smart Radiator Contoller

Got all Electric Radiators?

We also have a solution for local control and management of electric heaters so no matter what type of heating you have we can provide a solution.

Why not send us how many radiators you have in your commercial or residential accommodation building that you would like to control and we can quickly send you a fully installed and managed solution with payback. You can do that here

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