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Are You Paying Someone to Manually Read Your Gas, Electricity and Water Meters every month?

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Taking meter readings

Thousands of manual meter readings from Commercial, Industrial, Retail and Hospitality premises have to be undertaken every day often by property managers in multi-tenanted properties.

Many commercial properties don't have smart meters installed and are still using analogue meters such as in the image above which don't have remote reading capabilities.

This is often at substantial expense. But meter readings themselves don't tell you the whole picture about how and where energy is being consumed, which is especially important with Businesses being pressurised to achieve net zero.

There is a better way. IoT Remote Meter Reading. We connect special devices that enable any type of existing analogue or digital gas, electricity, and water meters as well as sub-meters to be read remotely.

These meters can then all connect to our cellular Gateway or Hub and pull in all their readings every 10-minutes. Thresholds can be set and notifications of excessive energy consumption alerts be sent to key stakeholders to investigate further.

This is another great way of tracking unusual energy consumption, such as water leaks, or equipment operation at unusual times.

Savings using Remote Meter Readings vs the costs of manual readings every month can be substantial, especially when using our live Energy Monitoring Dashboards as a bill validation tool, as historical records can be kept and used to quickly create reports.

Click on the Image below to watch a short video navigation around the software

Remote meter reading

With so many different type and make of meters, each location will need to be surveyed to determine the meter type, make and location.

As well as straightforward energy consumption, we also have the ability to determine what else is going on with the electric supply, including power factor, phase imbalances, real time variations in voltage, as well as accessing historical information and report generation.

Finally we give you the option to take us up on our managed remote monitoring bureau service - where essentially we do all the monitoring, validation and reporting.

Click on the file below to access

Enviro-Logik Bureau Service July 22
Download PDF • 618KB

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