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Preventing Refrigeration & A/C Failures

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

IoT Refrigerant Pressure Monitoring

Some Businesses haven't yet experienced the benefits of IoT in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning - especially in Hospitality and Retail.

Business owners often want to try things out with a small starter system, just so they can build up a trust and see the benefit to their business, rather than going "all in" with multiple sensors from the outset.

Intro to IoT in Hospitality & Retail

We have some small low-cost "starter type" intro to IoT packs. These are our designed supplied and installed starter pack for a typical hospitality or convenience store:

Temperature sensors on Fridges, freezers, A/C and heating/hot water systems can be included - all the things that can affect the business operations.

What's included?

Each location would get a free site survey by experienced M&E techs to determine the best local cellular comms, Number of sensors required and sensor locations. We supply the hardware/installation, set-up, onboarding system, dashboard creation, tech support, training etc. All at no extra cost.

The objective is so managers get notified when things are starting to go wrong, so you can fix things before they fail.

You can cancel at any time. You can add additional sensors as needed quickly and easily to the existing system.

The ROI is good too, when you consider the impact without our system i.e. stock loss, sales loss, repair and parts needed plus the cost of replacement stock. Thats going to cost at least £250 just for the repair to 1 fridge alone.

Maybe you would be interested in this low-cost intro into IoT?

Why not view some of our on demand demo video walkthrough of some of our dashboards?

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