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Predictive Maintenance & Preventing M&E Failures with SmartIoT.

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Preventing M&E Equipment Failures is usually one of the main objectives for Building Owners, Occupiers and Management Companies, and those objectives are often written into Maintenance Tender and contract documents.

M&E Maintenance Contractors all deliver pretty much the same services, and those companies looking to award the contracts often find it hard to separate the contractors services as they will all state that they deliver a quality service. So differentiation is vital.

However the problem for contractors is proving their service superiority - which is often hard to show before the customer has signed the contract, and the non-tangible aspect of providing a service is hard to put a value on. Additionally they are often judged simply on price alone, which of course shouldn't be the case. Often price cutting is seen as cutting corners.

Value Added Services

Innovative and progressive M&E Businesses have been looking at ways to set themselves apart from others, however one area that is rarely applied is predicting and preventing failures. Predictive Maintenance has been around for some years, and often forgotten about, and especially (for smaller sites) this has traditionally been a manual process by recording readings from each key item of equipment on each service visit and comparing it with data previous visits. This would often leave huge holes - often up to 6-months where issues could arise and be left unknown, unreported and unattended.

The old ways of working are now becoming a thing of the past.

Now there is the ability to offer true Predictive Maintenance & Preventing M&E Failures with SmartIoT. When the system is offered as part of a contractors Maintenance bid, it enables the awarding Business to look at the added value provided and how the contractor uses that technology to assist in their maintenance proposal.

The EnviroLogik SmartIoT system now replaces that manual process as it uses live remote and instant predictive diagnostics. This Fault Detection and Diagnostic system turns "Dumb" items of M&E equipment into a Smart system. The technology not only turns new installations into a smart system, but also legacy sites and enables the Occupier, Management Company and M&E contractor to all be alerted when things could be failing, enabling equipment to be diagnosed and repaired before it fails

As well as including Alerts to notify problems, it also provides information to M&E technicians known as "Know before You Go" diagnostics to help them identify the actual problem before attending site so they can fix the problem before it fails. These systems are designed to Predict a potential failure, Prevent them from failing and Protect the systems on an ongoing basis.

Its a great way of improving technicians First time to fix, by ensuring that the van is stocked with any spare parts that may be needed to complete a repair. To implement a predictive maintenance system then sensors need to be installed on those key items to enable the monitoring to take place.

Additionally it means that you only need to service the equipment when it needs servicing based upon equipment usage and monitored conditions which trigger service alerts.

Setting M&E Businesses Apart From Others

For M&E Contractors, providing our SmartIoT system cost effectively helps differentiate their Business from others by providing your Business and Building(s) with a unique service offering reliability and comfort guarantees to your occupants, giving you confidence in their Business and a higher level of trust to enhance their service offering to you which differs from other conventional contractors.

Predicting and Preventing M&E Failures should be a standard service offering and we can achieve that with one of our Sensor packs.

We offer sensors in packs of 10,20,30,50 and 100 and the sensors chosen are dependant on their application and building size, so for a small office of 3,000 sq ft a 10 sensor pack would be needed one of our approved contractors to install and set them up.

With no up-front hardware cost, and a simple low-cost monthly mobile phone type contract and prices starting at just £90/month thats exceptionally good value peace of mind to ensure

Interested in an installation or becoming an approved Contractor/Installer? Get in touch

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