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Pre-Heating Season Energy Savings

With commercial property, energy costs and savings are constantly at the forefront of a businesses operation. With most heating only properties, a control system will be in place to operate the main heating plant but its local room or area control where challenges exist.

If you manage or operate Building(s) with multiple radiators - whether wet or electric, you may be wondering what can you do to save energy from your existing heating system(s)?

Many Facility managers have been tasked with looking at where energy savings can be achieved for their buildings, and are looking at pre-heating season energy savings, but are wondering what are the best ways to achieve them?

Varying occupancy patterns often means that local room or area radiators are heating empty rooms. Take a student accommodation block or school classroom, multiple offices etc. All have varying levels of occupancy throughout a typical day.

Because the radiators provide local heating via a thermostatic radiator valve or local electric thermostat, you cant expect the occupant to manually switch them on/off, so inevitably they are left on thereby wasting energy that has been expensive to procure.

What if you could automatically switch them off when there is no one there?

The EnviroLogik Smart Heating Controllers fit onto existing radiators or electric heating circuits and enables systems to be switched off when there is no one in the room or space and allows management to have a dashboard to manage the local operation and save energy automatically.

Alerts are sent to property/building/facilities managers whenever a window has been opened or if a person has left or entered the room.

An App is also available to the room occupant to enable the controller to be remotely switched on/off and to allow a limited temperature adjustment within a pre-agreed range, to stop overheating.

ROI's from existing installations are typically less than 24-months and the controllers are available in two formats:

Systems with Wet Radiators

Systems with Electric Heaters

Both these systems operate use our highly secure LoraWan IoT network and in most cases do not need to connect to a buildings existing IT infrastucture.

For those interested these differ entirely from other battery powered products for residential only applications such as those that work with Alexa or other smart home systems.

Our systems are not battery powered that work on a commercial LoraWan system and are rugged devices for multi-radiator commercial applications and the wet units which include an automatic valve pin actuation to stop valve fouling.

Why not get a no obligation quote (and an ROI) for your pre-heating system to install our radiator controllers

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