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Power Usage and Energy Efficiency in Apartment Buildings

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Energy Efficiency in Apartments

EnviroLogik are a highly experienced Smart Buildings Business that have been supplying and installing our EnviroLogik smart building IoT remote monitoring systems to a mixture of Commercial and Residential properties throughout the UK, which is powered by Simpro software.

This article by Simpro in Australia, is a case study on the work they have done with CSIRO - a Government Organisation over there. This is about research into Power usage and Energy Efficiency in Apartment Buildings.

Here in the UK there are hundreds of High Rise apartments with Central Plant. The remote monitoring solution provides data about energy efficiency and power usage in high rise residential buildings by tracking assets such as lifts, chillers, air conditioning, lights and power.

However there is very little information about how units and apartments perform. And with the rise in apartment living, that’s really how their project started.

With buildings that are already built, gathering data would have been difficult without the use of IoT remote monitoring software.

Wiring would have had to be done between floors of buildings, which would be expensive and taken many weeks. By using our expertise and knowledge of M&E systems and the application of IoT we could do this wirelessly and simply retrofit sensors.

Monitoring Heat Interface Units

EnviroLogik work with a mixture of Service providers including Property Management, FM and specialist M&E Contractors to design, select and install the sensors needed to pull the data from the sensors that provides meaningful data that can be acted upon.

With many buildings having central plant that's probably being controlled by a BMS or central control system, it would have been difficult to provide monitoring of heat interface units already installed.

The EnviroLogik IoT system has the ability to provide full monitoring data no matter what make, type or size of heat interface units. Energy consumption, faults and meter readings are just some of the areas we can monitor,

Case Studies

Want to see for yourself just some of our current projects?

Get in touch and we'd be happy to have an initial discussion about your IoT project

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