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Occupier Based Motion Activated Air Conditioning

Dealing with Indoor Air Quality and Occupier Anxiety

Imagine having an HVAC system where specialist IoT can now provide motion activated air conditioning. These systems can also provide confidence for Facilities Managers when dealing with staff Air hygiene anxiety.

When people do return to their workplaces, especially with reduced numbers then occupier based motion activated air conditioning can be a great way of saving energy by only providing, heating & cooling in occupied areas and only when needed.

Occupancy sensors, can also be used to ensure safe numbers for social distancing.

However maintaining M&E systems and office spaces ready for a variety of differing occupancy rates, optimised for comfort for each level, while keeping energy consumption efficient, is a challenge at normal times let alone with mixed occupancy. Buildings M&E systems were originally designed to work with high occupancy levels.

Operating those systems at low occupancy rates, with ability to change up/down quickly, requires good planning, as well as the control systems needed to move between those regimes. Remote control, monitoring and management tools will become mandatory for HVAC facility management.

Remote HVAC Servicing

Our SmartIoT sensors and remote monitoring systems are already allowing the capability of minimal contact from HVACR technicians with others when visiting a site.

We have a great range of wired and wireless and optical remote sensors. These allow any M&E Service businesses to undertake remote HVAC servicing as well as to monitor status, vibration, temperature, IAQ, and energy consumption of key items of M&E equipment remotely and in real-time.

Our web based application allows you to diagnose, monitor, and service M&E plant remotely, saving unnecessary and expensive travel. Pro-active service Businesses can now remotely troubleshoot issues in real-time, as well as looking through historic data and receive instant SMS and Email alerts on any mobile device whether in the field, the office or at home.

Any problems can be dealt with immediately, keeping down the cost and time that an engineer may need to be in the building. Installing these technologies while buildings are either partially or fully occupied will assist in prolonging the life of important assets.

Interestingly there is an interesting business that offers Real-Time Remote Support for HVACR technicians. XOi Technologies offers a platform to live stream service calls, and give live real-time remote support for technicians from the field


BMS systems are in many Buildings and our SmartIoT systems can interface directly and easily with any make of BMS and on any platform whether Bacnet, Modbus or Niagra but also directly with individual equipment controls - such as those factory fitted on Chillers and VRF systems.

IoT occupancy sensors fitted locally under each desk or local area can communicate to local FCU controls from a local BMS control/energy management perspective.

Are you looking at how you can optimise the energy consumption of your buildings based on reduced occupancy? Why not get in touch to see how we can help.

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