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New IoT System Reduces Energy from any Make VRF

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Multiple VRF Condensers

With the Energy Crisis affecting Businesses and homeowners alike, there is an ever pressing need to save energy. Predicted Energy increases are eye watering to many Businesses, and unless they can drastically cut their consumption then many will be forced to downsize their operations.

With over 55% of Commercial offices and many thousands VRF systems installed over the years, it makes sense to be able to reduce the energy consumption from these systems.

What is it and what does it do?

Very simply by connecting our occupancy monitoring to any make of VRF system, we can then enable managers to switch off a whole floor indoor fan coils by floor or individual fan coils even if unoccupied or partially occupied.

How does it Work?

VRF Power Monitoring Solution

We can now reduce energy from any make of VRF system

VRF Brands Covered

Facilities Management Companies, HVACR contractors, and many Landlords understand the way these systems operate, and with multiple indoor units - often DX Fan Coils being either centrally or zone/area controlled from the manufacturers own software.

Reduced Occupancy provides an Opportunity to Cut Consumption

This graphic below shows that these systems have to have physical changes made locally to only operate systems based on local area/zone/floor demand, or if available by a remotely connected PC. . They don't allow for variances in occupancy. Until now!

VRF system components

With energy reduction pressures on businesses, our system allows for not only an automated system to reduce consumption, but to do it matched with reduced occupancy.

Fortunately there now exists our new IoT Power Distribution system which works by reducing energy in VRF systems based on floor/area occupancy, this is a demand based system and operates on any make of VRF.


Our VRF Power Distribution solution allows simple VRF Fan Coil unit switching matched by the actual operational demand of each indoor unit. Using this solution,

Building Managers can deliver accurate measurement of usage per HVAC indoor unit,

for multi-tenants, and optimize energy efficiency.

• Automatic, customizable periodic & usage reports

• Retrofits to any make of VRF.

• Bill the tenants according to their indoor units’ energy consumption

• Remotely access the data from your web browser, easily and from anywhere

• Proportional distribution of VRF energy – accurate billing of tenants based on actual usage.

• Detection of unusual excessive consumption

• Report and notification to users and management

• If a user is pulling power whilst all units are turned off

• Detect usage anomalies between units on the same systems

• Units of the same size working in groups – one consumes more than the others

• Undersized/oversized units

• Detection of energy "wasters"


Many multi-let building managers want to measure the energy consumption of every space, for the purpose of improving operational performance, tenant billing and more. With our VRF Power Distribution solution, they can remotely and easily access the energy consumption data they need from anywhere.


CT's measure the actual condenser power consumption and push this data continuously over our Modbus module to our EnviroMaster unit, which then transfers the periodic readings to the Simpro Cloud for analysis. The cloud-based application then breaks the overall consumption to each of the individual indoor units, based on an algorithm that looks at the actual operational ratio of each indoor unit.

VRF Floor Controller

You can shut down entire floors or floor areas and change the max/min temperature range and days of operation all matched to occupancy.


Energy Consumption Increasing

What Else can our VRF Monitoring system do?

VRF Remote Diagnostics

The Problems with HVAC Servicing

HVAC Service with Remote Diagnostics

A New Standard of HVAC Service

Predictive Maintenance

Proportional Energy Consumption

Detailed Consumption Analysis

Further Automated Detailed Analysis

Automated Detailed Analysis

Full List of Features

Got a VRF System? Want to access it remotely, save energy and improve maintenance?

You will be surprised at the low cost and fast payback.

Get in touch to request a quote

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