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Luxury London House adds IoT Water Leak Detection

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Athlone House on Hampstead Heath a luxury London house has added water leak detection to protect it from damage.

This London property is one of the most luxurious private properties in the country. Owned by a Ukrainian billionaire its estimated to be worth in excess of £60 million.

The property boasts an expensive art collection as well as other valuable fixtures and fittings.

The property recently had a major water leak which started in one of the roof plant rooms and passed through into one of the bedrooms causing extensive damage and inconvenience and was close to ruining a £10 million painting.

The estate manager requested a solution from the M&E Contractor. The EnviroLogik IoT water leak system was supplied and installed, and now multiple miniature battery powered sensors are installed throughout the property at various locations, including many which are hidden away behind toilets, sinks at in plant rooms.

Everything is connected to a web enabled dashboard to allow instant visibility whenever there is an issue.

EnviroLogik IoT Water Leak Detection
IoT Water Leak Detection

Instant alerts are sent to the site M&E team as well as the estate manager, so that action can be taken before there is a failure. The system is also available with optional remote water valve shut-off, and additional sensors can be used for water quality compliance purposes - including legionnaires monitoring.

Water leaks in any properties whether commercial or residential always cause extensive damage and inconvenience to the occupants, and the process to repair the damage including processing an insurance claim is lengthy.

As well as theses water leak detection sensors, additional items of equipment not connected to the site BMS can be added to the platform to allow full predictive maintenance meaning that items can be fixed before they fail.

To request a demo and get a quote please click the link below, or send an email


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