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Knight Frank add IoT to Victoria St site

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Southside 105 Victoria St, London SW1 - A 300,000 sq/ft Multi-Tenanted Office, Managed and operated by Knight Frank

Despite an old BMS system, Knight Frank's onsite team and M&E contractor Cooltech were having constant problems with failures on the MEP plant which we not being reported or discovered, - things needed to improve the occupant comfort.

Water Leaks, Chiller and Boiler Failures we so frequent it became difficult to deal with.

To overcome these issues and without spending on an expensive BMS upgrade/replacement, the EnviroLogik IoT system was installed with over 70 different sensors monitoring water leaks from the buildings 45+ sinks and toilets, as well Boiler & Chiller failures due to water pump issues and refrigerant leaks and water tank temperature monitoring to provide instant results to ensure L8 compliance. Additionally Energy Consumption is being monitored by the Pumps and Chillers.

The site team now have a live local monitoring solution with instant alarms that is accessible from any web enabled device. This gives the team the ability to react immediately whenever there is a problem and avert a major failure that can be inconvenient, expensive and disruptive to the tenants.

The Cost? Less than £700/month for a 2-year contract monitoring 70 sensors. The savings speak for themselves in terms of Chiller/Boiler Optimisation, Energy Savings, reduction in breakdowns and repairs, and inconvenience to tenants.

Have you got a site where you would like to consider installing a low cost monitoring solution?

Get in touch 0203 916 5158 or by email to discuss your Building issue


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