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Is your Current IoT system not cutting it?

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Had problems with IoT before?

Many Businesses are offering "IoT services", whether in hospitality, fast food, retail, commercial HVAC in offices etc, they are also making promises about how easy their systems are, savings, ROi's, compliance requirements etc - despite having little or no experience in the M&E industry.

Do these businesses understand which sensors need to be installed and where? Do they have any M&E experience? Do they know how to create alarms and dashboards? Have they been to each site to evaluate local needs and of course to evaluate the quality local connectivity to mobile phone comms? Do they need to be connected to a buildings infrastructure?

There is an endless supply of IoT sensors from an ever growing list of suppliers, but there's also an ever growing list of businesses that have tried to do their own thing and have failed, and that can be for a variety of reasons. Then there is the race to the bottom with prices! This sensor is cheaper than this sensor etc.

With this ever growing list of sensors manufacturers, do you know which platform to use?, and which is the best network for pulling the data securely from the building? There is no one size fits all, but what is sure is that people have been having problems and a bad experience.

Tried Building your own Dashboards and setting up alarms?

Some have fallen into the trap of trying out the latest miniature device but have had to work out where to install them, and then buy extra sensors and extra gateways from other suppliers just to try an get a joined up system, and then also employ someone to take that data and turn it into something meaningful. - Basically left to your own devices.

Then you have to be a wizard at learning their back-end system for setting up a dashboard visualisation system from their "simple system"!

Others have decided to use a 3rd party "systems integrator" - those who come from an IT background but have next to no knowledge of M&E systems, and finally those who have installed things themselves with the hope that they can get communications between devices.

So, Is your current IoT system not cutting it? Have you experienced poor results or had a bad experience?

Inexperienced - new to market IoT businesses are simply trying to make a fast buck

It's easy to understand why people don't trust this "IoT" thing, and all the claims and benefits being made, and aren't sure about trusting this latest technology and even though they are considering an IoT system.

There are so many new businesses simply jumping on the bandwagon of this latest "fad" which are selling so called complete "set-up" systems which have no interest in what's needed by the end user.

Procuring a trusted IoT system

As a complete end to end solution, EnviroLogik are M&E experts with over 70-years of combined knowledge in commercial M&E systems, including commercial offices, hospitality, fast food and retail outlets.

We are not a hardware supplier, nor are we a software business. EnviroLogik is a speciality IoT M&E Business with vast experience in commercial M&E systems, and provides a complete joined up system comprising a singular in-house hardware developer, combined with a trusted MEP/HVACR IoT software system, using the well established and proven Simpro system operating on the LoraWan network.

Before deciding to embark on our own IoT journey we needed to be sure that we had the support of a global supplier that had already developed their own sensors and that works in commercial MEP systems.

The company directors - all working for established M&E and FM Businesses established Envirologik in 2018 with a single purpose. To design. supply, select, install and market a singular IoT system specifically for M&E equipment across multiple sectors.

We sell direct to end users, occupiers, landlords, management companies, specialist service businesses and we make sure it works.

Each location would get a free site survey by experienced M&E techs to determine the best comms, No of sensors required and sensor locations. We supply the hardware/installation, set-up, onboarding system, dashboard, tech support, training etc. All at no extra cost.

We don't just hand you the keys and let you get on with it

Lets be realistic! We don't expect you to be sitting in front of a dashboard all day, monitoring your sites, however we do push important alerts through in the form of emails/SMS to key stakeholders, so that instant decisions can be made to provide corrective actions and prevent failures, leaks etc

Technical teams can look at greater details remotely from any device to understand the more technical information they may need, prior to sending a technician to site. We don't believe the hype and claims about battery life.

Because the majority of our sensors are battery powered and because batteries wear out the more frequently you get data the faster they wear out. It no different to driving an electric car, the faster you go the quicker the battery wears out.

Our sensors have systems that tell us when batteries are getting low. As a matter of course we change all the batteries in all our sensors whenever one notifies us that its wearing out. We change batteries, we don't need to change sensors!

Need more or want to change some sensor locations? No problem. Our tech team are always available.

If you have had or are having a poor IoT experience, before embarking on your IoT journey, why not drop us an email or give us a call 0203 915 5158

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