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Integrating IoT into VRF & BMS systems

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Integrating IoT into BMS systems


Not another system to consider!

Busy Facility Managers don't want yet another system to add to their ever expanding list of different systems that work in their buildings. They already have Fire, Security, Access, Meeting Room Bookings, BMS and many other systems to use. They already have enough on their plate.

The IoT (Internet of Things) is helping to revitalise BMS systems through sophisticated control strategies, and support smart maintenance.

Facilities managers need to incorporate even more complex building systems, where the BMS and IoT is one of several systems producing building intelligence.

Despite the obvious benefits that IoT monitoring and the early warnings of potential M E or P failures that these systems provide, FM's don't want to have to find yet another log-in and dashboard to contend with.

Smaller mobile sites or those without a BMS or complex control system however can definitely benefit from having a stand alone IoT monitoring solution, and web based remote monitoring dashboard and secure remote log-in.

This is especially useful if contractors and property management companies need to receive early warnings of potential failures which could impact the occupants.

The world is moving towards digital environments and Building Management Systems are becomingly increasingly connected, remotely controlled, and energy-efficient.

However until recently, there wasn't a simple, universal integration solution between the BMS and the most energy-consuming system within the buildings: The Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Connecting IoT to any make of BMS

Many businesses get put off by the prospect of getting process implemented and the cost and inconvenience of adding yet another system! The EnviroLogik Modbus unit can provide everything from our smart IoT systems to any make of BMS.

Integrating IoT into VRF & BMS systems

For sites with multiple differing technologies, many of these systems can complement each other and work in tandem. BMS systems provide the obvious place to integrate everything together but with different technologies across multiple platforms that's previously been difficult to achieve.

Monitoring VRF Energy Consumption for Accurate tenant billing

However that's now changed with our ability to individually monitor any make of VRF systems and individual associated indoor units. Our IoT VRF Distribution solution allows for billing tenants accurately – by the actual use of each indoor unit. All of which operates on the LoraWan network.

This solution connects Current Transformers and our IoT modules to the individual power circuits of the VRF’s outdoor units. This connection allows us to break down the overall consumption of the VRF system to each of the system’s individual indoor units.

Modbus VRF Energy Consumption

This function means that Businesses can bill their tenants accurately – by the actual use of each of the VRF system’s indoor units.

Open API connectivity to any make or type of BMS

HVAC equipment whether a chilled water or VRF systems are the most energy-consuming appliances in a building. Accurate tenants’ billing, has previously been difficult to achieve. That’s why billing tenants by their actual HVAC consumption is so important.

The EnviroLogik IoT system is a monitoring tool only, whereas a BMS is there to handle system enablement, and the VRF manufacturers handle local control per zone, area and of course occupancy.

With the drive to join multiple systems together, that's previously been difficult to achieve. Let us demonstrate how you can join all your systems together. Click on the link below

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