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How to Win More Air Conditioning Projects

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Project Estimating

Picture this. You've been asked to put a proposal together for a new HVAC installation using a VRF air conditioning system.

You know that other contractors are also pricing using the specified Mitsubishi or Daikin system. So how to go about winning more air conditioning projects shouldn't always be about price, but it is a major factor. So why not offer an alternative?

VRF air conditioning systems are the go-to product for most consultants and contractors for a variety of reasons including the simplicity of product selection, proven installations and a wide range of product manufacturers now providing competition to the usual Mitsubishi and Daikin systems. Ventilation still has to be provided at extra cost with AHU’s.

As with all systems there are limitations and - until now the only real alternative has been chilled water air conditioning systems using either Fan Coil units or Chilled beams as well as also needing conventional Air Handling units for the ventilation.

Its about time for an alternative

The Damvent VMF is a single compact packaged unit that provides simultaneous cooling, heating, 100% ventilation and sanitary hot-water production guaranteed at temperatures from -30 to + 50C. With capacities up to 60Kw, units can be coupled together to cover larger projects.

This means you don't need a separate AHU and you can save your client money by producing sanitary hot water in a 1,000 litre water storage tank at up to 10,5m3/h with a warm up time of 3 hours from a starting temp of 15C and heated it up to 55C ) meaning no need for a boiler

Cooling/heating in the space can be delivered by either Fan Coils or radiant ceiling panels (available in multiple colours and styles) along with the ventilation by conventional ductwork and grilles. Sanitary Hot water can be provided to Hot Water Storage tanks.

This means you can design a smaller capacity system as the fresh air will provide a large proportion of the pre-heated/cooled air, which also better from a temperature control perspective.

Radiant Cooling/Heating Panels

When compared to these conventional HVAC systems, the Damvent VMF system reduces the investment costs by removing the need for: radiators/fan coils/cassettes, boilers, chillers/VRF systems and more.

The savings in both Energy Consumption and Capital Equipment costs are substantial meaning that contractors have a much greater chance of winning these projects when compared to a VRF/AHU project.

Damvent VMF Single Packaged Total HVAC unit

Installation time is reduced substantially as the single packaged unit is fully factory tested before shipment and then simply requires local Power and Water connections, and then to deliver the cooling, heating, ventilation in the occupied space then either Fan Coils or Radiant Panels or Chilled/Heated Beams and ductwork and grilles.

To see how to install the VMF See Installation information below

VMF Installation and User Manual - VMF
Download PDF • 7.75MB

The VMF uses 15-30 % less Power Input (kW) compared to traditional systems (VRF + AHU), but also 15-30% less ongoing demand - extremely important for every owner!

In summary How much are the savings vs an equivalent Daikin VRF Air Conditioning system and an additional AHU?

Click on the Image below to see the actual savings that can be achieved

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