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How to Achieve a MEES EPC Rating B by 2030

Office Buildings in the UK are going through a Refurbishment Boom because of the need to obtain A Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) EPC rating of B by 2030

HVAC Refurbishment

Although this report highlights London Refurbishments, we know that this is also happening in every major city in the UK.

As Air Conditioning is a major factor in Energy Consumption, Business can now look at much more efficient systems than the usual conventional Chiller, AHU or VRF system.

Not only can our Damvent Hybrid Packaged Total HVAC system save money on Capital Equipment vs these other systems but especially with substantial savings on running costs when compared to these conventional units.

We will also do your MEES EPC submission once the equipment has been installed

thvac catalogue eng web var3 V1
Download PDF • 1.14MB

If you are considering an HVAC Refurbishment, Why not request further information and let us do the heavy lifting by designing you system for you.

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