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How much is an IoT monitoring system?

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Businesses that are considering adopting technology and an IoT based remote monitoring system, want to know what its going to cost to install and monitor their M&E and HVAC systems.

The perception by many that its going to be similar to BMS and complex control systems, and thats often putting people off, as traditionally BMS remote monitoring has been seen as expensive.

IoT systems are substantially less expensive, mainly because sensors are battery powered meaning they are less to install, taking mere minutes when compared to a BMS sensor which has to be wired. Additionally they are more flexible meaning the can be fitted to anything that needs monitoring.

Critical Assets can be monitored.

Whether its detecting water leaks, chiller or VRF issues, lift failures or poor Indoor Air Quality, there is a sensor that will let stakeholders know when something isnt right or going to fail. CRAC units are critical assets and ensuring failures are minimised are just one of the key areas where IoT comes into its own.

Many BMS systems don't have a "head unit" nor are they remotely connected, but getting notified in advance of an impending failure shows how critical assets can be monitored vi IoT systems, and that they can easily and quickly be retrofitted to existing equipment gathering information whether from the units own controller or via Refrigerant pressure and power monitoring units.

How much is an IoT monitoring system?

To arrive at a cost, It simply means adding the number and type of sensors together, connecting them via gateway and adding in the monthly monitoring charges. 12, 24 or 36 month contracts are available and cost as little as £20/month, plus cost of hardware fully installed.

A single gateway can connect around 150 sensors all working on the established and secure private LoraWan network - which is ideal for penetrating floor slabs and plant room walls even in basements. The more sensors you add, the lower the overall monitoring cost.

What would it cost your business if your cooling equipment failed, or you had no hot water?

Energy savings through reduced occupancy

With new flexible working practices and reduced occupancy, comes the challenge of trying to reduce energy to suit these new flexible arrangements. After all why run all the HVAC plant when the building is only partially occupied?

A fully managed remote monitoring contract will identify unusual plant usage, i.e. chillers running at unusual times etc.

One of Enviro Logik's client recently saved over £5k/month due to unusual and excessive set points and time schedules. With a cost of £3,600 for hardware and from just £100/month monitoring for a mixture of 32 sensors its substantially less than an equivalent BMS system.

Small battery powered, multi sensing IAQ units can be fitted anywhere into the occupied space which can sense up to 10 different IAQ triggers, including CO2 levels to determine what areas are being occupied, and with some simple changes the HVAC plant can be reconfigured to only provide equipment use to those areas only, thereby reducing energy.

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