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How Can M&E Service Businesses learn from the Motor Trade?

We take our vehicles for granted, and usually they are very reliable and trustworthy workhorses. But like all things mechanical and electrical - things go wrong.

Luckily the technology in cars alerts us to these problems with warnings that appear on our dashboards. Thats often when we have to do something about it.

Luckily cars point to the problem and when you book it in the mechanics can quickly diagnose the issues and recommend what needs to be done to fix the problem.

As consumers we have to put our trust in people to do the right thing, but without the recent adoption of technology many unscrupulous motor traders used to prey on peoples less technical abilities to understand what those issues were. After all when you lift the bonnet of a car it can be a complete minefield.

These aforementioned business took advantage and often quoted for works which were completely unnecessary. That developed a culture of not trusting those motor trader.s

That is until 2014 when the major motor manufacturers adopted a completely new approach using the "Show and Tell" approach to build trust with their customers, as can be seen here on this video by Audi.

Have you taken you car in for a service recently and received an email with a video attachment and a quotation to carry out some remedial repairs? Thats a great way to build trust and actually show the issue to the customer.

How Can M&E Service Businesses learn from the Motor Trade?

Unlike the Motor Trade, M&E systems in most commercial buildings don't have these sensors or dashboards to warn us that there are problems with the equipment. The only time you know when something isnt right is when its gone wrong and especially with what we take for granted - like our heating, air conditioning, hot water or fire systems

In small to medium sized buildings, there is no permanent site based technical team, and its the left to non-technical staff members to try and explain to their contractor what the issue is, and commonly its simply "we are too cold or hot"

Once there has been a failure, the contractor dispatches a technician to diagnose what the issue is, identify any spare parts and then the office issues a quote to fix the problem. Assuming the quote is accepted, the parts have to be ordered and the technician then returns to fit them. This can add more delays and inconvenience to the building occupants - often many weeks due to spares availability.

IOT Retrofit Technology gives dumb items of M&E Equipment the ability to let you know when things aren't right. Our Ready made IoT kits gets contractors up and running quickly and easily.

Contractors are slowly changing their views on technology adoption and are changing the ways they operate and in the same way that the car industry did.

The EnviroLogik IoT system enables M&E contractors to have an off the shelf ready made IoT kit. You simply choose the number and types of sensors, the connection hardware, the alarm parameters and the first job joint installation. An affordable simple quick and easy way to offer predictive remote monitoring to customers.

M&E SmartIoT sensors can attach to any item of M&E equipment to give early warning information about imminent and/or actual failures to occupiers, property managers and contractors.

In addition - and using the same motor industry innovation as detailed above, customers can benefit from a field technician APP and web based support service which gives field technicians a live 2-way video/photo/narration and job quotation system that complements any job management software and works alongside the IoT remote monitoring service.

Customers and technicians can share instant issues and can remotely diagnose issues before setting foot onsite.

This system is designed to share instant information from the field to the customer and vica versa. Customers with the APP can send videos, photos and narrations to the contractors, and technicians can raise quotes and parts required for the office to quote instantly by email, with all the field reported issues and comments being included.

To see an example Click Here

Both the EnviroLogik IoT system and XOi systems provide API's, thereby enabling data to be taken across to other 3rd party systems at a later date should that be required.

3rd Party Integrations

Job Management Software and BMS/Control systems often require IoT integration into their platforms, and we have already developed these integrations, thereby making it easy to view the data on one platform.

Want to give either of these a test drive? We offer a free 60-day no obligation trial of either system.

Call us on either 0203 916 5158 or email


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