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Guaranteeing IoT Success with M&E experience

To make IoT a success for monitoring Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing systems in Commercial, Industrial, Education and Hospitality environments you need to know which sensors to choose for the type of equipment, but also where to on the install them, and the only way to guarantee IoT success is with M&E experience at the heart of everything that EnviroLogik do.

Many new companies are entering the IoT space but most have virtually zero M&E knowledge. Most of these companies are simply resellers working on behalf of hardware manufacturers or general IoT platforms.

These companies have no interest in M&E or making sure that their systems operate correctly. They simply want you to do all the leg-work, choosing and selecting the sensors, working out the hardware components as well as sourcing somebody suitable to do the installation (many suggest electricians) most of whom have never seen or heard of IoT! Then you are given a basic "off the shelf" standard non-customised dashboard.

When you encounter a problem, you have to contact support (usually in another country) whenever you come across a problem.

Do they know how to connect these systems to Gateway(s)?

Installing sensors is just one part of the set-up, but then how do you get that data out of the sensors and connect them so that they can tell you and others what's going on and make the system work?

These sensors need pairing with one or more gateways which have to be located throughout the building to enable stable and secure communication through concrete/steel floors, basement walls, roofs and ideally they should not be connected to the building BMS or WIFI systems because of Cyber security issues.

They should however be cellular enabled with the best available network for external comms, but the whole system should operate on a private RF network within the building such as the highly secure LOraWan network.

EnviroLogik has built a reputation of trusted and reliable M&E Experts when it comes to selecting the right sensors and installing them into locations where customers see real benefit. The ability for instant alerts, condition based and predictive maintenance are just some of the benefits of a joined up system from the outset, and they key is a site survey.

What sets EnviroLogik apart?

Knowledge, expertise, experience and a trusted knowledgeable team of only M&E experienced professionals. UK site surveys, installations, tech support

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