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Chillers & VRF Systems show their "Feelings"

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

A Legacy Chiller Controllers

Legacy Chillers and VRF units can't tell anyone when they aren't feeling very well, and in most cases aren't connected to an external source such as a BMS or Remote Monitoring system.

However these manufacturers inbuilt controllers have many features and can provide many key indicators to show their feelings - and if they aren't very well.

When things go wrong, usually the first people to complain are the buildings occupants, when they have no cooling, and eventually - once processed through the relevant main and sub-contractors, an engineer is despatched to diagnose the issue and try and fix the problem, which may entail a return visit to fit any spare parts.

EnviroLogik have developed an IoT module designed to read and take information direct from legacy Chiller and VRF controllers and connect them with various alarms - depending on pre-agreed parameters.

Customers, and contractors can choose to receive different levels of alarms and then triage and remotely diagnose what the issue might be. In many cases contractors technicians can identify the issue in advance and send an engineer pre-armed with knowledge and any necessary spare parts.

With many thousands of Chiller & VRF systems installed, this IoT system gives the ability for dumb items of equipment to communicate issues that affect many things including energy consumption, operating times, chiller temperatures and tenant comfort.

This is one of many sensors can can be retrofitted to any item of MEP equipment to enable the status and conditions to be monitored remotely at low cost. The savings are already being demonstrated across many different sites.

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