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Automating Water Compliance Monitoring

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Updated July 2022

Automatic Water Compliance Monitoring

Are you aware of the amount of water, time and money you can save by automating water compliance?

According to stats for domestic water usage Did you know that - to meet with compliance issues, one basin/sink tap in a commercial facility (that has to be flushed) will use around 6 litres per minute, so for a 5 minute flush that's 30 litres straight down the drain. Multiply that by the number of taps in your facility and that you need to flush weekly, suddenly you can see where wastage occurs.

Lets look at an example of doing things manually

i.e. if you have a 5 storey building with 2 sets of Ladies/Gents toilets and one disabled per floor, each with 4 sinks, plus 1 in each disabled = 5 floors x 2 toilet blocks x 8 sinks + 5 disabled = 85 outlets to be flushed every week for 5 minutes : 85 x 5 x 52/60 = 368 hours of labour (46 Days) per year. At £45/hr = £16,560 annually.

In terms of the amount of water wasted, using the same calculation at 85 outlets x 30 litres = 2,550 litres per week = 132,600 annually. Based on the average tariff of £4 per M3 which includes the charge for water usage and waste water that equates to £3,168 annually.

That's a total of £19,728 per annum

By installing our specially developed smart building IoT wireless sensors and automating water compliance monitoring, substantial savings in labour and water usage can be made.

Manual Legionella Compliance Wastes Water and Time

Legionella grows if water remains stagnant for a prolonged period. To prevent this issue, its recommended to regularly flush all water outlets and manually check and record the water temperatures from each outlets.

FM service providers technicians will visit their contracted buildings 4-5 times a month for on-site flushing of all water outlets and once a month to conduct L8-related temperature checks from each individual outlet.

During COVID, when offices were empty, occupiers and their service providers realised that expensive resources were being used to inspect and flush all water outlets.

An example of how our IoT monitoring system saves money

Manual flushing still has to be undertaken, but not so frequently, and by installing 85 non-invasive IoT temperature sensors both customer and service business can save 23 working days in labour per year = £8,280. (£690/month) Also water savings will be around 66,000 litres annually = £1,584 (132/month).

The cost?

Based on the same number of outlets above, our automatic system based on supplying and installing and automatically monitoring 85 sensors on all outlets equates to £548/month annually £6,576 in year 1 on a 12-month contract, and drops to just £133/month or £1,596 thereafter.


The annual saving is £9,864

Our automatic sensor monitoring identifies any pipes that contain stagnant water and need to be flushed. Alerts are set if stagnant or tepid water has sat for too long and needs action. Additionally we can then map the location onto a floor plan, giving service teams with instant access so they can see the location data of non-compliant outlets quickly and easily.

This automatic process:

  • Reduces the amount of labour needed for manual flushing

  • Reduces water usage (as only the pipes that need to be flushed will be)

  • Cuts energy consumption (from wasting heated water)

  • Saves money on energy and water bills

  • Helps maintain Legionella compliance requirements.

In addition to our automatic water compliance monitoring, we have our automatic water leak detection which can be placed anywhere in a building where leaks can occur.

automatic toilet leak and overflow detection

Finally we have a complete water-saving solution that automates toilet leak and overflow detection. With our Lorawan non-invasive Ultrasonic IoT water meters we can identify unusual low water usage in toilets, and with an average of 20% of all toilets leaking, multi-unit properties lose thousands in wasted water each day.

Why not find out what our automatic systems can do for you and your property?

What's included and unique with the EnviroLogik service?

EnviroLogik are a complete end to end M&E specialist providing a complete IoT monitoring and alerting systems to MEP systems in commercial and apartment buildings.

Our ecosystem uses the globally trusted LoRaWan standard to ensure connectivity between our sensors and gateway using a private secure RF network. We work in close partnership between our hardware manufacturer and software platform to ensure that all customers receive a tried and trusted system designed by M&E specialists.

Each location would get a free site survey by our experienced M&E specialists to determine the best comms, number of sensors required and best sensor locations. We supply the hardware, installation, set-up, onboarding system, dashboard, tech support, training etc. All at no extra cost.

Why not request a quote and see how much you can save/ Fill in the form and we will get back to you.

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