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Automatic Water Temperature Compliance Monitoring

Automatic Water Temperature Compliance Monitoring

This article explains an automatic water temperature compliance monitoring solution we have developed to comply with the L8 water testing requirements.

The information we have provided below is from a live Hospital site, however it can be applied anywhere where compliance is required

This dashboard below is from IoT sensors monitoring hot water temps every 2 mins. It is set to capture any measurement that goes above the 55-degree mark for Health sector and flag this as an instance in the below bar chart.

Each bar is an instance of hitting above that 55 mark as can be seen by the blue threshold line. The Green shading is the compliance area.

For these two outlets you would be comfortable saying these were compliant and well used:

Some more examples of outlet temps on a time series.

The first one was undergoing maintenance and you can see the point this was carried out and normal temps were resumed.

The second outlet is an example of a well-used outlet with a distinct pattern of usage, Typically Monday to Friday, no usage over the weekend. You can actually see the downturn in temps on the Friday in two of the segments.

These are an example of two sentinel outlets with Hot Flow, Cold and Mixed monitored from a single monitoring sensor node (each sensor node can take up to 3 temp probes)

For any of the charts you can zoom in to a specific point in time and see the Min. Max and Average values during that selected time period.

This is actual information from a UK NHS hospital (which is why the name has been removed) The site is very large, and as well as the hot water compliance requirement we are also monitoring multiple other site-wide mixed sensors from a single cellular gateway.

These reports can be produced on any frequency that's needed.

Hopefully you will be able to see some potential use cases for some of your own clients' sites. This is a remote low-cost compliance solution that removes the need for manual checks to be taken which saves time and money with a fast ROI.

Get in touch to discuss how our LoraWan IoT Monitoring solutions can be applied to your sites

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