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AI automatically adjusts your energy usage and costs

Imagine a world where a virtual AI engineer is sitting in front of your buildings control system making small adjustments every few seconds to save energy. Does that technology exist? In fact its been around for some time.

Let me set the scene by sharing an article in Smart Buildings magazine which talks about how Building managers could use AI to improve energy efficiency

Click on the image below to access the article

Now that you have hopefully read and understood the technology, we wanted to introduce you to our AI powered Energy Management Service.

Our system connects to either a BMS or to IOT devices or other proprietary control system using either Modbus or Bacnet and is designed to work by converting ventilation to Demand Controlled ventilation and with any type of indoor cooling system such as Fan Coils or Chilled Beams and is totally based on matching the loads to varying levels of occupancy and changing weather.

We do this through Ai self learning algorithms to ensure maximum indoor air quality by drastically increasing fresh air to your building and limiting recirculated air. All the while maintaining perfect comfort. Its like having a full time BMS engineer making constant adjustments to the whole builds M&E/HVAC systems 24/7 365.

Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) adjusts ventilation rates based on actual occupancy at any given time instead of at a fixed rate for full occupancy. IAQ and occupancy sensors monitor carbon dioxide and when used in conjunction with occupancy it will determine how many people are inside, which in turn signals the HVAC system to adjust the amount of outside air brought into the building on a per person basis.

Here is a link to our web page which describes the system in greater detail

We are able to save 30-35% more energy than most modern building management systems with this autonomous, self-learning AI.

Want proof? Why not request a quote for your building? Drop us an email and we will be in touch.

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