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Adding AR to IoT systems

When starting to write this post - as an IoT "veteran", colleagues were questioning about the need to explain how AR - aka Augmented Reality is being used in M&E/FM/HVAC. In other words is there an appetite for this?

The image above was one of hundreds available being used by many other businesses and with articles in worldwide publications which in itself proves that we aren't the only ones who are looking at adding AR to IoT systems.

Integration with IoT in HVACR

To explain how it works, the AR device pulls information from a server that supplies information on the M&E equipment . If the devices have sensors which are connected to the IoT system, then a lot more visual interaction is possible.

The device can report its own make and model number, automatically bringing up the information needed to service it. This saves the technician the trouble of finding and reading labels and requesting information based on them.

The technician can observe the device parameters and see how they change with the running of tests. If the equipment is part of an integrated system, readouts from other components will help to find exactly where the problem lies.

Networked sensors will play a role in alerting service managers to problems. If a sensor reports a reading outside the acceptable range, it can issue an alert to check the equipment.

Remote Assistance

Augmented reality can save on trips to the site. Indeed as can be seen on this article by XOI, saving on site visits can be substantial. A camera and sensors can provide a remote view of the equipment with data readings, letting a technician determine whether there's a problem and what type of repair will be necessary.

A technician at the site can call in assistance, letting a specialist see the same view and send additional information or make recommendations. In some cases, the customer may be able to make the repair with the help of a remote guide, saving a trip.

Technician Training

Along with the aforementioned XOi system AR will provide many opportunities for remotely training contractors field service technicians. Views of equipment with basic information superimposed onto images will let them see its operation. They can see the step by step service procedure in progress, with on-screen labels explaining each step.

The Challenges

The equipment needed for most M&E/HVAC applications is an off-the-shelf smartphone or tablet .

Technicians will need training in the use of the AR system. Once they see how much easier the technology makes their job, they'll be eager to learn just like they are doing with the XOi system

To learn more and see how IoT and AR can interconnect get in contact

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