New to IoT for M&E? Start Here


If you are new to IoT and how they can be used in M&E systems in Commercial, Retail & Hospitality Businesses, then you have come to the right place. 

The first question you should ask, is what do you want to achieve from the remote monitoring capabilities delivered by our wide range of sensors?

i.e. Do you simply want to be notified when an item of equipment has failed?

Are you considering changing to Condition based based maintenance?

Are you looking at Predictive Maintenance to enhance your PPM systems?

Once you have identified your objectives it's time to choose what key items of Mechanical & Electrical equipment do you want to monitor, and how what alarms do you want to receive and the high/low thresholds that will need to be set up for each sensor. i.e. when there is a refrigerant pressure drop, what is the low pressure threshold?


To do that you may want to look at the different sensors available. The sensor brochure can be accessed from the button below

Once you have decided what items of M&E equipment you want to monitor and you have seen the sensors available, its time to decide who will receive the alarms (contractors, property management, occupier etc.) and then request your demo and pricing.

Just click on the link below to get started



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