Reduce your air conditioning or refrigeration electricity usage by up to 40%.

With over 6,000 worldwide installations and over 200 in the UK, you can to save up to 60% of the electricity of your Air Conditioning or Refrigeration system, the SolarCool system from Envirologik system pays for itself.


Most people will be familiar with Solar PV and probably with Solar Thermal, but probably not with Solar Cooling.


The unique patented system has been developed by a team of British, German, US and Swiss technicians to assist in the reduction of electricity in a large Retail, Manufacturing and Commercial Property.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration are by far the largest consumers of Energy and are at least 40% of the overall bill.

What is it and how does it Benefit me?

This is not Solar PV and is not some new fad. The system was first developed by UK Air Conditioning & Refrigeration specialists in 2013 is well proven, tried tested and trusted by thousands of Businesses and contractors alike. Just ask Businesses such as Spar, Co-Op, Greenwich Leisure, Chingford Fruits, Hard Rock Café, Cummins Diesel, Cable & Wireless, Mercedes Benz, Texaco, Intel and many more about their savings.


The Envirologik SolarCool system works by installing the special solar collectors in between the compressor and the condenser.  The hotter it gets, the less the compressor works as it allows the refrigerant in the solar collectors to do the hard work, thereby holding the compressors off.


It makes no difference of the type of compressor in use on your air conditioning or refrigeration system, whether Scroll, Screw, Centrifugal, Inverter, Staged Compression, 80% of the energy is consumed by the compressor. Our SolarCool system simply makes that compressor more efficient, using less electricity

The solar collectors Do not have to be directly facing the sun and do not have to be specially angled.

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Just look at these impressive benefits to see how you can benefit by installing a SolarCool system.

  • The hotter it gets, the less the compressor works.

  • Saves huge amounts of energy.

  • Retrofits on to virtually any Chiller, VRF and Refrigeration system

  • Substantially reduces CO2 emissions.

  • Eliminates compressor failure due to overheating, reducing your maintenance costs and increasing lifespan.

  • COP figures (heating capacity versus power consumption) of over 8 are possible

  • SolarCool systems are rated far above A+++ for energy efficiency with an Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) of 6

Case Study Read a Case Study about the Installation on a large Commercial Refrigeration system in Dartford Kent

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