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Reduce your Air Conditioning or Refrigeration consumption by up to 30% with over 30,000 Worldwide Installations

With over 30,000 worldwide installations the SmartCool system from Envirologik system pays for itself.


  • Reduces the electricity usage (kWh) of air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump compressors by improving the performance of the compressors while maintaining temperature and humidity control. 

  • Smartcool is a modular retrofit technology, can be applied in air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pumps systems. 

  • Risk free solutions compatible with all existing equipment and controls • Average payback period for customers is 24 to 36 months.

Two systems available. Unit 1 for Small Split and VRF systems unit and Unit 2 for larger Chillers in HVAC and Industrial Chillers.

  • Guaranteed Paybacks between 2 and 3 years

  • Does Not replace existing Controls and uses API Interfaces approved by OEM's

  • Case Studies Prove actual savings

  • No risk to current equipment or on manufacturers warranty

  • Maintains temperature performance

How Does the SmartCool System Work?
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In any refrigeration system, the compressors electric motor uses by far the most amount of energy. This alone can consume up to 70% of the total energy used by the Air Conditioning/refrigeration equipment


The Smartcool’s energy saving system focuses on this one item.


The objective of the Smartcool system is to reduce the amount of time the compressor needs to run for, over and above that of the existing control strategy. i.e.

• When a compressor is not running it doesn’t use any energy.

• If you just switch the compressor off and save energy, the downside would be an impact on the temperatures required.

• Smartcool works by reducing the run time of a compressor AND still maintaining the required temperatures

• There is no Magic formula instead relying on the science and the physical characteristics of refrigerant.


These principals are known by every refrigeration and air conditioning engineer.