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IoT Enabled SmartAir system enables our duct mounted Air Purification module to use recirculated Air again 

The SmartAir IoT enabled Air Purification system means that HVAC systems can change from full fresh air to recirculated again and save Energy


Professor Chris Whitty - England's Chief Medical Officer, recently suggested at a CBI conference that we need to improve the Indoor Air Quality in our buildings. Not only because of Covid but in aid aiding other respiratory conditions too.


Conventional thinking suggests increasing ventilation by opening windows, but that's not always practical, especially in schools for example that just allows cold air in during winter. Mechanical Ventilation of course makes sense and most post 90's buildings have some form of system installed whether part of an overall central HVAC system, or just part of fresh air make-up.


Monitoring the IAQ


Indoor Air quality is a highly important topic not only because of Covid but also for building occupants safety, and is subject to many factors, and unless you know what you are breathing in/out and possibly sharing with colleagues how can you deal with those improving poor quality IAQ issues?


CO2, CO, VOC's, PM 2.5, PM10, etc. all present IAQ challenges, let alone what's transmitted via colds/flu and Covid etc, so its vital to have an ongoing monitoring system. This is easy to achieve with IoT battery powered sensors that can be fitted in minutes in the occupied areas and let key personnel know via instant alerts when a threshold has been exceeded, so corrective action can be taken swiftly.

EXISTING HVAC SYSTEMS & AIR HANDLING UNITS, ARE CONSUMING MORE ENERGY, because they have been working on full fresh air as recommended by CIBSE etc, and drawing in outside HOT / COLD air to dilute internal VOC's, & CO2, etc, to provide sufficient Oxygen levels.

What if the entire indoor air within occupied areas could always have higher percentages of Oxygen, & reduced CO2 & VOC levels? Whilst eliminating 99.9999% of Viruses like Covid-19?

Using the SmartAir plasma generator allows the volume of outdoor air to be reduced and a
high amount of disinfected return air, to be reused.


By allowing recirculated air back in, immediately lowers the Kw load requirements. No more excessive or unnecessary cooling or heating of large volumes of just fresh air, the Kw reduction in allowing recirculated air to be used and provides a power saving of 25%.

Killing what's in the air!



















The benefits offered by the SmartAir system highlight the difference between this and other Air Purification products that are currently available elsewhere. 


SmartAir is completely different, and this is the reason why the scientific development of the SmartAir combination between our unique IAQ monitoring and has been developed. 


Ozone is the only system capable of killing infections and destroying odour, but SmartAir does the same with a much higher efficacy,


Benefits of SmartAir:


1. Sterilization of occupied hospital Patient areas / people in occupied spaces

2. Increases the percentage indoor Oxygen (O2) within occupied areas

3. Reduces CO2, SO2, NO2, CO, etc

4. Reduction of VOC's,  

5. Saves power on HVAC & VRF Air conditioning systems

6. Reduces the capital cost of new HVAC projects (reduction of HVAC Kw)

7. Prevents the build-up of biomass & corrosion within HVAC ductwork

8. Will increase Smoke-suppression

9. Helps to reduce stress levels 

10. Allows a reduction of colloidal dust particles


The mode of operation of the SmartAir Bioxyplasma is express oxidation, which oxidizes (ruptures the molecular structure of) the long-chain hydrocarbons forming the infections and toxic gases.


This leads to decomposition of these hydrocarbons into non-toxic elementary compounds like O2, N2, H2, etc. The oxygen molecules (O2) are thereby extracted from the toxic infection molecules due to the decomposition, and that is how, the oxygen percentage increases indoors.


 No matter what make or type of equipment we can connect and read settings

  • Saves Energy 

  • Can remotely read alarms

  • Does Not replace existing Controls 

  • Case Studies Prove actual savings

  • No risk to current equipment or on manufacturers warranty

  • Maintains equipment performance

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